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Have we discussed The Guild? (Here's a page with all the episodes except the very first one - I'm not sure why that is, and um, I thought the missing one would surely be available at, but I don't see any links at all to the first season there. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that it's coming out on DVD. You used to could get it on iTunes as a podcast, though, it could still be available over there.) Anyway, I had sort of vaguely wondered where Felicia Day of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog came from, and it turns out that The Guild, which she wrote and starred in, is the thing that made her an internet celebrity in the first place. Evidently she is a reformed WoW-junkie, and decided to make this little homemade series about it. Most of the first season was financed by viewer donations; presumably MSN is financing season 2. You can tell that everything got quite a bit more slick, although it's still not exactly what you'd call big-budget. Anyway, the gamers who haven't already seen it should do so, it's pretty funny. I'm not sure about how well it will translate for non-gamers, though. (It's worth a try, the episodes are very short!)

(There's also The Legend of Neil, which makes even season one of The Guild look big-budget, but which has its moments. And which Felicia Day is also in, actually, although she only turns up in a couple of episodes. I suspect it will tell you a lot about this one if I tell you she plays a very horny fairy.)


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