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May. 5th, 2009 05:14 am
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I know it's nearly 5am and all, but I've just taken my test and there's no way I can go to sleep yet, and so I think I need to talk about the latest mini-crisis. I am writing this on the laptop which is on the dining table - I went and grabbed it off the bedroom end table which is where Rob usually uses it - because I think my monitor has decided to die. There was a smell and I think I saw a little spiral of smoke. It was working fine and the smoke or whatever seemed to have stopped but I turned it off and unplugged it just to be safe. I'll probably end up just going and buying a new one tomorrow - that was the last part left of the pre-storm computer system, and all of the rest of it has gradually succumbed so I think it's just the end of that chain of failures. Even if it's working I'm not going to be very inclined to trust an electrical appliance after it's been smoking. Another thing to blame on Ike. (I am at this moment downloading LOTRO on this computer just in case. I'm assuming if WoW worked on the laptop then LOTRO will too.)

Anyway, I overstudied for that test - I made a 96. I still need to work on learning the muscles more - I have the Medical Terminology test on the same material still to take. The questions the anatomy test gave were pretty easy if you'd done the reading; I have trouble remembering the names of the individual muscles in the quadriceps and hamstring but I do know that the quads are in the front and the hamstrings are in the back, which was a question that was on the test. (It did ask the same question about the names of the hamstring muscles twice, though, also. Proofread, people!)


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