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So I finished my Medical Terminology class, and I have a certificate for it and everything (I think my final grade was 98), and now I'm on to Anatomy. I actually signed up for the Anatomy class a couple of months ago, some of you may remember, and I took a couple of tests before I decided that it was too slow to do both classes at the same time, and so I went ahead and finished the other one instead. I think I had already taken three anatomy tests - and last night I took a fourth one. It covered three chapters, all on the nervous system (one chapter on the brain, one on the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, and one on the autonomic nervous system) and so I was kind of worried since that's a lot of material - but it was easy, it turned out, and I got every question right. (If it was not open-book I would not have made a 100, because I just have not gotten the numbering system down on the cranial nerves, mnemonics or not.)

Rob is on vacation the rest of the week, and we are going to see Terminator: Salvation in a few minutes. I know it didn't get great reviews, but most of the people who've actually seen it (the ones who aren't critics, that is) seem to like it okay. I'll have to report back later.

I've been re-reading A Little Princess and now I want to see that movie again. Maybe Amazon has it cheap! But I'll have to look at that later, too, because right now I have to go.

(Incidentally, I wrote this before I saw that Col was complaining about nobody posting. But here you go, Col, anyway!)


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