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Did I really only go to see nineten movies at the theater last year? That's all I could come up with, anyway.

The Wrestler
State of Play
Star Trek
Terminator: Salvation
The Hurt Locker
District 9
Sherlock Holmes

I might have missed one or two (besides Up which I didn't come up with at first), but it's also possible that this is really all, because I know there were a lot of Sunday afternoons that Rob went off to see horror movies without me because there was nothing I was interested in seeing. I've gotten where I'm very picky about what I go see, which is why there isn't one movie on that list I regret seeing - yes, even Terminator: Salvation, which I quite liked at the time I saw it and still liked when we watched it again today, as it happens. (I've never used On Demand as much as I have in the last month or so.)

The best of that list? I would have to go with Hurt Locker, I think. It's apparently expected to get a Best Picture nomination, so you really ought to get hold of it if you haven't already. (I'm not sure if it's on DVD yet or not*, but I guess a Best Picture nom will get it a re-release if it's not, right?)

And we saw Up in the Air today, which should take up another Best Picture slot, EW says. It was very good, and I didn't have the problems with the ending that some people seem to have. I won't be any more specific than that here. If I feel the need to say more about it (which I might!), I'll put it in a separate entry.

*On DVD January 12th. I found a list in that same issue of EW.


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