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I'm still laughing at fake book titles, because I am easy:
Harry Potter and the Deep and Very Special And Unique Pain That No One Could Ever Possibly Understand
(from the same place that the last one was from)

OK, so we went to see Harry Potter twice, and furthermore, Rob let me talk him into going, too, which rather surprised me. I'm much more likely to want to see movies multiple times than he is, and for both of us to see a movie two times in three days is unheard of, that I can recall. So I don't guess it's necessary for me to say that I liked it. It was dark, but not any moreso than the book, you know? And the main reason I wanted to go again was because there was so much detail packed into it. I am not ruling out seeing it again later, either.

I spent several hours chatting with my best friend from 10th grade on Friday night. Very weird. (We had a falling out over a boy - I didn't care so much about the boy, at the time, as I did about the fact that she was supremely catty about the whole thing - and we weren't really friends after that. But that was, god, 35 years ago, so who cares now?)

How can it be almost Thanksgiving? Seriously. It's just not possible. As usual, I have to bring rolls for Thanksgiving, which ought to be easy, except that I'm stressing out because there's no room in my freezer, so I couldn't just buy them yesterday when we went to the store and stash them away til then. At some point I'm going to have to brave a grocery store again. It was already far busier than normal yesterday and it's only going to get worse.

Date: 2010-11-22 08:57 am (UTC)
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>How can it be almost Thanksgiving? Seriously.

I know! It was just summer, like two weeks ago! (Out here in LA it's even more confusing, because about 10 days ago, it was 90-something degrees.)


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