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We went to see The King's Speech this afternoon - I liked it more than I expected to. I liked it quite a lot, actually, and the rest of the audience seemed to too. The theater was almost full, too. I have been looking up various members of the royal family on Wikipedia ever since I got home.

I didn't come straight home, though, I dropped Rob off and went and got a sandwich at Schlotzsky's and then went to Starbucks, where I read about OB/Gyn codes for a couple of hours, in preparation for my interview on Tuesday. (Today I read about procedure codes, and tomorrow I need to do diagnosis codes; then I'll be as prepared as I reasonably can be, I think.)

I've apparently gotten over yesterday's relapse. I'm still sucking on cough drops, but that's not so bad. I always manage to be sick sometime between Christmas and New Year's, that's just inevitable.

I hear that the Texans actually won today - I suppose it taped, so I guess I'll have to watch it this time, instead of erasing it like I've been doing most of the year. Usually I've already heard before I get around to watching that they lost, and then it's too depressing to watch it. I'm just not enough of a masochist for that.

I've been reading "Song of Ice and Fire" again - I think that's the series name for the George R.R. Martin books, although nobody ever seems to call it that. I have all four books on the Kindle now, but I've paused after the 3rd one (is that A Feast for Crows, or is that book four? I never can remember) to go back and start over from book 1, because I'm trying to keep all the damn characters straight and I thought that might help. And it does, but damn, is this series depressing sometimes. I can hardly stand to read the second half of book 1 because I know what's coming. (Actually, in a series full of major character deaths, the big one in Book 3 took me almost entirely by surprise. I go through these books constantly saying, "Well, I never thought he'd kill off _____!" I'm beginning to wonder if anybody at all is going to be alive by the end.)


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