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It's Sunday afternoon and the Texans are playing, and while I am generally fairly calm on the subject (most of the time), I am kind of into this whole Texans juggernaut thing. We've had a lot of bad years and it's about time we had a good one! And unfortunately I can't see any of the TVs from my desk and I can't really go wander around because sitting at this desk IS my job, basically, but luckily, I have my trusty iPhone and the NFL '12 app to inform me that the Texans just won 24-10 and they are now 11-1 for the year, so woot! (I watched a little bit of it at home and then listened to most of the 2nd quarter in the car, and it's taping so I'll probably watch the whole thing again when I get home. So you don't really need to feel bad for me on account of missing it.) So let's see... the math here is that there are four games left and worst case scenario if we lost the rest of them is we'd be 11-5. We certainly hope it won't come to that, although we have New England at Foxboro next week so that's sort of the acid test. We still have to play Indianapolis twice, that's all I know about the rest of the schedule off the top of my head. Actually that accounts for 3 of the 4 remaining weeks, doesn't it? (According to ESPN, the Texans did clinch a playoff spot today. I didn't think we could do that today, but I'm glad to find out I'm wrong! Now it becomes all about home field and such.)

I think I put "other local topics" in the title because I intended to talk about Galveston things. I come to work down Harborside and this means I go right by whatever festivals and/or cruise ships are around on any particular weekend. Often there are both - today it was one large festival (Dickens on the Strand - which was really packed yesterday, I noticed) and two cruise ships. I wasn't actually paying attention because I've seen them so much, but I'm pretty sure the two ships were the Carnival Magic, which is here nearly every Sunday, and the Mariner of the Seas, which is Royal Caribbean, I believe, and which was somewhere else during the summer but seems to be back for the winter. With the Disney Magic (which usually comes into port on Saturdays) and the Carnival Triumph, which runs shorter trips so isn't consistent about a day of the week, that makes four big cruise ships running cruises from here. (There may even be a 5th one coming soon, at least it seems like I heard something to that effect. But I don't know what company the 5th one is supposed to be.)

Speaking of football, I am hugely amused by George R.R. Martin's post about the Jets game. "Suffering is the lot of the Jets fan. It's all because Joe Willie made that deal with Satan at the crossroads..."

Hmm, I need a Texans icon... (but I just remembered that I have this "mint flavor" icon - I think it's MST3K - which is oh-so-apropos since I have had a cold along with my usual allergies and have been through packages and packages of Halls Sugar Free Mint. Lemme tell you, I DO have a mint flavor, these days.)

I started and have so far stayed a bit ahead on the Holidailies entries (that is, for two whole days) - I figure it's best to keep this up as best I can, knowing my procrastinating ways when the holidays get closer. So I wrote my Saturday entry late Friday night (and posted it just after midnight, so that it was a legitimate December entry, more or less), and yesterday I wrote my entry at work in the afternoon, and here I am today doing the same thing with what's nominally the Monday entry. (Although I gather you don't actually have to wait to post it. I posted the one yesterday on LJ in the early evening and on the Holidailies portal when I got home last night, and I'll probably do something like that again later today. I saw something that said you can post every eight hours to the portal, so if you cared to you can get further ahead than that, even, but I probably will try not to get too far ahead there. I think Jette and Chip had instituted the eight-hour rule sort of quietly a few years ago, to let people catch up when they had gotten behind, but this is the first year I remember seeing it stated on the portal. I might just be forgetting, though!)


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