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Well, I'm not talking about the news. No way no how. So instead, let's talk about Wintersday, which is the GuildWars version of the holidays. GW2's Wintersday just started today, but I have a million screenshots (ok, maybe not quite a million) from old GuildWars and I loved Wintersday there, so I thought I'd post some of those.

This is Old Ascalon, I believe, and this is my dervish, Sharzad:
Sharzad finds the candy canes 

Here's my ranger Mila in Lion's Arch (note the carolers in the background):
Mila in Lion's Arch
(I don't know how well you can read that text, but Dwayna is the lightbringer, see, thus the carols are about her.)

More candy canes, in the Nightfall town of Kamadan:
Wintersday in Kamadan

I don't know what GW2 will do, but the old version gave special hats at Wintersday, and there were candy cane weapons you could collect - here's one of each:
Sarita with jester hat and candy cane wand
Since it looks like just a big candy cane stick, I imagine it was a wand. The most useful one was actually the candy cane bow. (The outfit was just the regular elementalist outfit dyed red - I've already started doing holiday colors with my new characters, too.)

another hat - a St. Lucia crown!
Gia the ritualist (with St Lucia crown)
(it looks like I had one for everybody, looking at the little portraits at the bottom)

Kamadan again:
Mila in Kamadan

And the reindeer quest! I almost forgot that one!
 Not-so-tiny reindeer 
(I loved the series of reindeer quests so much I was still going back and doing them last year.)


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