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The other thing I was going to say about Les Miserables when I got too sleepy last night to keep typing was that apparently I am not such a snob about singers as I thought. Most of the reviews I've seen pick on Russell Crowe in particular, but I thought his singing was alright - I had more of an issue with the way the suicide scene didn't quite have the punch it ought to. Seems to me that that's an acting problem, not a singing one. (Or possibly an editing one? I don't know.) Also, I had gotten sort of snippy on Twitter about Amanda Seyfried, going from the clips they released ahead of time - but she also didn't bother me as much as I expected. I have always had issues with the way adult Cosette's part is written, really. It's a tough part to do justice to.

I'm watching Kingdom of Heaven, the Ridley Scott movie with Orlando Bloom, which is on BBC. (Rob was watching Graham Norton when I got home, and I just let it run.) I seem to recall that I liked it pretty well when it first came out, but it's not doing much for me now. It seems like a lot of set pieces with big battles with not all that much point to them. (Orlando Bloom is still very pretty, though.)


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