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Well, I had some idea that Holidailies ended last night at midnight, like Cinderella, but apparently it's still going today. So I might as well say a thing or two more. For one thing - thanks to Richard and Jennifer for running Holidailies, and Jette, of course, for coming up with the idea!

I'm watching the Rose Parade - for once, I thought to tape it, which was good because I slept late, and then did a little work, too, since I slacked off yesterday. I am not all that big on holiday traditions outside of Christmas, really - but I do try to watch at least a bit of the Rose Parade. I like to see what they come up with.

We are going to see Django Unchained in a little while. I'm never sure what to expect with a Tarantino movie, but I'm sure it will be entertaining.

And it occurs to me (not that anybody has noticed, probably, but still) that I promised GW2 pictures and never delivered, so I'll finish with that.

I went through the World-vs-World area in passing yesterday and noticed how pretty the Wintersday decorations were:
In The Mists at Wintersday

And here are most of my characters:
Two Sylvari, the plant people - first Rina the elementalist, who is my only level 80 character, and then Cera the mesmer:
Rina the Sylvari Elementalist

Cera the Sylvari Mesmer

My Norn Ranger (named Lia):
Lia the Norn Ranger

and my one human, my warrior Alessa:
Alessa the Human Warrior


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