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Because I owe an entry for yesterday, and it's now 3am and I am sleepy and brainless, here are some Diablo 3 screenshots. (Diablo players will notice that these are not actually full screenshots - I cut them down some.)

Diablo is one of the few games I've played where you can't customize your character at all. You pick the class, and you pick male or female, and they look like what they look like. They end up looking different to some extent because of their clothes, though, anyway. Drops in Diablo are sort of randomized, and every weapon and every piece of armor has slightly different stats and there are a number of different skins for each kind, too.

So here's the first character I made, a wizard, named Mellificent (with great originality):
Mellificent at 40

Col and I played a pair through once - my wizard and his witch doctor, I think it was - and then we started playing through again, and then he went off to work on his novel in November and I haven't played this character much since then. She is still around this same level a month later.

The second character I made, and the one I mostly did play while Col was gone, was a demon hunter - which is what would be an archer or a ranger in most other games. Both the wizard and the demon hunter are dark-haired and pale-skinned, but the resemblance mostly ends there. The wizard seems much younger. The voice-acting sounds young and sort of perky - sometimes inappropriately so, for what's a really really dark game a great deal of the time. The demon hunter seems older and more sophisticated and very emo. She says at one point that the demons killed her whole family and she's out for revenge. And she fights in high heels, which seems a bit out of character to me, but eh. You know how these games are.
Marte at 53
Her name is Marte - I gave my whole first round of characters names starting with M, for some reason. The backgrounds, incidentally, vary with what part of the game you're on. The wizard was on Act III above. The DH here is on Act IV - that's heaven behind her, which has been attacked by demons. (It's pretty but it's certainly not what I would've envisioned heaven to look like.) (Currently, Marte is stuck partway through Hell mode - she's level 57, but she can't beat the one of the Act II bosses so she's waiting for one of Col's chars to finish Nightmare mode so they can try it together.) (Nightmare mode becomes available for each character after you finish the game once; Hell becomes available when you finish Nightmare. There's one more difficulty level after that - Inferno, I think? - which I may well never see.)

I started all five classes with female characters before I started a male one - but I started the male one, when I finally did it, in hardcore mode, meaning dead is dead. And well, he's dead. In the character screen he's a ghost.
(It's even more amusing when it's animated, as it is in-game.) He lived for all of three days, according to that screen. Poor guy.

OK, that's enough for now. Maybe I'll do some more later. Good night!

(Oh yeah, I have game icons but this one above is actually Harry Potter, or Harry Potter Rifftrax, or something like that. It seemed appropriate, though, since I was discussing my wizard.)



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