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This may end up being about a holiday pet peeve that I seem to have gotten over, to some extent: my annoyance at the holidays starting too early. Everybody gripes about this, god knows, so it's hardly original, anyway, and I've complained about it for years. I used to say that nobody should be allowed to play Christmas music before December 1st - actually I still stand by that one - and nobody ought to be allowed to advertise Christmas merchandise or put any decorations up before Thanksgiving, at the very earliest. And that's the part I'm backing off of, a bit. (However, I still think that it's an abomination to advertise Christmas merchandise before Halloween, at the very earliest. There's still got to be limits.)

I think the reason I am loosening up about Christmas in November is because I am getting older, and apparently what happens when you get older is that time just goes by faster and faster. I remember how long the days seemed when I was a kid - just endless. I think everybody feels that way, right? The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is just EONS. And as you age, it just goes faster and faster until it's just zooming by. So now it's blink! Christmas is over. So hey, if it starts a little earlier maybe I'll have time to appreciate it a little more, because jesus, does time go by fast.


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That's a really good point about time. I still get all arms akimbo about full-on Christmas decoration in early November, but by Thanksgiving I am now meh, why not, it's a long weekend, good time to hang those lights.


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