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I've gotten this bit of dialogue before in Diablo, but the difference here is kind of interesting:
(It takes place in Arreat Crater, which contains sort of a stray bit of Hell brought to earth)

Kormac the Templar: I must thank you.
Witch Doctor (Player): Why?
Kormac: When I became a templar, I dreamed of invading the Hells themselves. This is all I ever wanted.
Witch Doctor: Sometimes you worry me.
Now, the player dialogue varies according to which class you're playing. The first time I saw Kormac say that line, I was playing the Demon Hunter, who is an out-and-out warrior type - well, she's an archer, not a meleer, in game terms,** but I mean that in that part of her personality, she's pretty similar to Kormac himself - so it's no surprise that she agreed with him. (I don't remember exactly what she said, but I'm 95% sure that agreement was the gist of it. She liked storming hell, too.) The Witch Doctor is equally deadly but more... maternal, I guess, and she reacted completely differently.

**For those of you who don't play these kind of games, there's a whole terminology that certainly would've escaped me before I started playing, I know. A warrior, in this terminology, is always a character who fights close-up with a sword or an axe or something, in the melee. Then there are usually various wizard-types and archer-types who stand back and snipe from a distance (that is, at range) - those tend to have different names in different games, but the idea is the same. There are other standard types beside those three (some sort of priest or monk, some sort of rogue) but the character types in almost any fantasy-type game are divided up into ranged classes and melee classes, like that.

OK, so, pictures:
DH & Monk
This is my demon hunter and Col's monk. (I only know it's the monk because of the headshot picture at the bottom. Otherwise, she's pretty indistinguishable under all that armor.)

Mona the Witch Doctor
Here's the witch doctor. She's the only nonwhite character and frankly the way she's portrayed makes me a bit uncomfortable, which is probably why she's the last class I took through the game. But she was a lot of fun to play once I finally got rolling with her. Here she is with a more typical WD headdress and carrying a shrunken head instead of... whatever that other thing is above:
Witch Doctor - lvl 23



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