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I think I mentioned my large collection of quilt pictures, earlier this month, but I was nosing around in Picasa the other day, and downloaded some semi-random samples, so here you go:
(They're not really random: they're things that caught my eye as I skimmed past, meaning they're ones I especially like.)

My mom made this one - it's nothing fancy, but it's cute. (I took this picture several Christmases ago - this quilt belongs to my cousin, and it was draped over the back of her sofa at the time!)

Most of the rest of these are from the Houston Quilt Festival, I think.
This is called "Uptown Amish" - I love the colors, but the larger diamond pattern is known as Barn Raising, and it is indeed a traditional pattern in Amish quilts. (It's a variation on a log cabin, actually - it's just the way the blocks are turned that makes it into a Barn Raising.) I'm going from memory here, rather than look it up, but I believe this is by a woman named Joyce Saia, who lives in Beaumont, Texas. (I have another picture of this quilt from a different quilt show, so maybe it's not surprising that I remember the maker's name, if I liked it enough to take pictures of it twice!)

I don't know offhand who made this one - although this is a pineapple variation, and there's a quilter who is particularly known for her pineapple quilts, so it might be her. (I believe I am right about that. 'Made by Jane Hall of North Carolina; from the exhibit "In the American Tradition IV" at the 2005 International Quilt Festival.' I think she's the one I was thinking of, anyway.) (The name of this is "The Ultimate Pineapple".)

Let's see what else I have handy. Here's a more nontraditional one:
The label on the picture says "Big Blowsy Flowers" - and I assume that's actually the name of it. (Quilts entered in quilt shows always have names, you see. If it hasn't acquired one on its own by the time you finish making it, you have to make one up. This one sounds to me like one where the working title just stuck.) Made by Sherrie Spangler, another Texan.

This one is very traditional, and I think it was made by some friends of mine - at least, it says Que Bee, which is a group of my quilting friends who are very, very good at applique. ("Que" here being short for "Applique", see.) (I was never part of that group, if you're wondering. Applique is too fiddly for my taste, although I often love the results.) I don't seem to have any other notes on it - it might have been a quilt made to auction off. (More of Que Bee's quilts: I had one more picture, and way down on this page there's another red and green one. Much of the stuff on that page is made by various members of our quilt guild.)

Here's a slightly less traditional piece of applique:
This is "Thanksgiving", made by Liz Jones of Hertfordshire, in the UK.



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