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[ profile] karen_d and I made this quilt back in... I'm not sure without looking - 2005, 2006? for some friends who were getting married (and are now divorced, so I wonder who got the quilt?). We had done a previous quilt together and did a weekend of work on that one in Texas (at my mom's house, actually, because that's where all my sewing stuff was, for the most part), but for this one I went to Michigan and we worked at her house instead. I had done the red centers (which are 4"? - god, I'd forgotten I ever did anything that small - sampler blocks) in advance and she had done most of the work on the big stars and and made the white blocks with various printed sayings and well-wishes on them. So we worked all weekend on putting it together and we had the "quilt sandwich" by the time I left - that means, for the uninitiated, the quilt top, the batting in the center, and the quilt back - all pinned together and ready to quilt. Karen did most of the quilting and then she mailed it to me and I did a bit more quilting (and I think made a label) and put the binding around the edges - and then we mailed it away. I've always loved this color scheme. We found that black-and-brown batik somewhere and that was what tied the whole thing together.
(I was talking the other day about how quilts acquire names in the process of making them. We always called this one "the fish quilt" after the nickname of one of the recipients - and we did put a tropical-fish print on the back, as I recall.)



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