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I spoiled myself in the last entry, if you were paying attention, but here's my pick for 1972:

(I loved both Horse With No Name and Ventura Highway at the time, and they've both held up pretty well. Ventura Highway won the virtual coin toss because I still listen to it on iTunes pretty regularly.)

Remember how I said I was going to stop talking about my childhood so much because there weren't any big events after we stopped moving all the time? Yeah, well, I completely forgot about the year I had heart surgery. (Hey, it was 40-odd years ago. My cardiologist couldn't even find any records of it.) It wouldn't be as big a deal now. I had a heart murmur, they'd known it since I was really small, and 1972 was the year they decided they needed to fix it. Nowadays it would be three days in the hospital, but back then it was 10. They didn't believe in taking any chances in those days. The pedi unit was up on the top floor of that same building I later worked at for over 10 years; for that matter, they're still using the same operating rooms, although not for much longer. (There's a new hospital under construction and the pronounced need for a new OR suite was one of the driving forces behind that.) I remember that the doctors would do rounds, trailing a mob of medical students, who were still almost all male, back then, and at 12 I was aware enough of boys to enjoy that quite a lot. I remember being utterly and completely bored for most of the week after the surgery and listening to music a lot. One band I particularly remember listening to at the time was Bread, which is one that hasn't worn quite so well. (Everything I Own was maybe their big hit at that time; later they would have big hits with "If" and the theme from the move "Goodbye Girl" - they were a fixture all through the 70s, really.) Anyway, I had the surgery and everything went fine, but it was a big life event for a 12-year-old.

I actually had a really long list of songs that I liked from that time - it was the year "American Pie" came out, and also "Vincent" and I remember that I had no idea what either one was talking about. I must have had the sheet music to Vincent or had access to it because I remember reading the words and going, "huh?" (I think it was years before I figured that one out. No internet, remember.) I almost picked a song called Alone Again (Naturally) for this year just because it's something you don't hear much now that I still kinda like. It was also the year of Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - those were everywhere. (I see that Roberta Flack won back-to-back Grammys for Record of the Year, for that and for "Killing Me Softly" the next year, but awards shows other than maybe the Oscars were not something we paid attention to in those days.)

I just looked up the movies that came out in 1972: The Godfather was #1 (we weren't allowed to see it, and I can't say I cared at the time), #2 was The Poseidon Adventure, which I did see and loved, and #4, mind-bogglingly, is Behind the Green Door, which of course I didn't even know existed until later. Actually Deep Throat was apparently made around that same time, and I probably became aware of that one sometime in high school, at least, although I remember being unclear about why it was such a big deal. (I was appallingly naive, really.) In fact, I've seen most of the films on that top 10 list at one time or another (but still not Behind the Green Door, actually) but I don't think I saw any of the others until later. Things showed at the movies, almost always only for a week, in my little town, and if you didn't get there that week you were out of luck - they were gone until they came out on TV several years later, in most instances. Videotape got invented somewhere in the mid-70s, and cable started being around too, eventually, but we didn't have either at my house until much later. (TV was a wasteland, with a very few exceptions, but I'll talk about that another day.)


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