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I started talking about 1983 in the last entry, let's see if I have anything else I feel the need to say about it...

I have notes about the music portion of this, and my notes remind me that I saw David Bowie in 1983. I sat behind the stage, I remember that, and because of that I was quite close. It was a good concert. (The only professional-level concert I ever saw that I have really bad things to say about was New Order, which I thought was boring. I think that was in '85 but I'll get that complaint over with here, because I went to a number of concerts in '85 so I'll have plenty of other things to say for that year, music-wise.) (It just occured to me that I remember the name of the Bowie tour - "Serious Moonlight." "Let's Dance" was a huge hit at the time.)

Oh my god, I forgot about this picture - this was, I believe, a "Bizarre Party" in fall 1983 - terrible scan but still, I love this.

My first video choice for 1983 was in the last entry also, but I had a second choice, so here's "Twilight Zone" - which I also loved:

That's the only concert that I'm sure was in 1983. I think I was too busy to do much concert-going. But as I said before, I spent a fair amount of time watching MTV, and I hung around with a friend who introduced me to NME and Melody Maker (British music magazines) and also to the world of import singles. I was already interested in this music before I met this particular friend, but that was what really pushed me into the edge into fairly serious fandom - as serious as I ever get, anyway. I made a mix tape that I had for years (and this was actual tape, remember, a cassette) with a bunch of songs recorded off of Rick's records - it had Echo & the Bunnymen, of course, but also Berlin & Big Country & Cyndi Lauper & The Alarm - that's all I can remember. (That thing might still be around somewhere!) There were probably a couple more. The Eurythmics were a new thing (at least to me) that year, so was Culture Club. It was also the year that Thriller was a huge thing, but that was too middle-of-the-road to be fashionable in my circles. (I suspect some of my friends owned that album, just the same, although I didn't.)

This was my favorite Culture Club song:

One more thing:
When I think about 1983, I wonder sometimes if I did the right thing. Both 1981 and 1983 were big crossroads in my life - and actually I'd have another one in a couple more years, but I'll get to that later, hopefully. In 1981, I wonder what would have happened if I had, say, gone to law school. I was not at all interested in it at the time, but in retrospect... well, like I said, I wonder. And in 1983, what if I'd gotten a job - god knows where it would have been. It's certainly highly likely that I'd never have met Rob, for example. At the time, what I thought was that I'd only ever have one chance to help start a co-op. I figured that if I didn't do it I'd always wonder what would have happened if I had. (And conversely, obviously, because I did, I sometimes wonder what if I didn't.)

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I try really hard to live in a way that avoids the "what if" questions when they pertain to doing something non-traditional or non-obvious. I can't say I've always succeeded (what if I had pursued journalism, or did radio news instead of the newspaper in college). So without knowing you beyond this electronic space, I'd say you made the right choice about the co-op. Part of the proof of that to me is that you didn't end up going to law school later, which was an option (and still is; I can't tell you how many second-career students I've taught over the years, the eldest probably being in her late 50s). If it were the right choice for you, I think you would have tried it at some point. (And, FWIW, I think you think and write very soundly and would have succeeded at it, were you working in an area that interested you.)

On another subject, what is "bizarre" about your dress for the party? I think the Opera t-shirt is actually pretty cool.

(Edited to use my lawyer pic.)
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Date: 2014-12-26 10:36 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, I didn't succeed very well at being bizarre, really. I had blue hair but it didn't show up very well. I picked the Opera shirt because a lot of college students have never been to an opera and DO think it's kind of bizarre!

I certainly don't have the personality to be a trial lawyer, and I think I thought when I was young that that was the only kind of lawyer there was. I mostly don't spend a lot of time doing the "what if" thing - it's all this reminiscing that's brought it on!


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