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A couple more - I will probably add more later.

Colorful Friday Five - Apr 18, 2008

1. What is your favorite color? I like practically all colors, and the answer to this tends to vary according to when you ask me, but I have been very drawn to green lately. So let's go with green.
2. What is your less favorite color? Beige.
3. What is you favorite color combo? I love blue and green.
4. What is your less favorite color combo? I'm sorry to have to say this, but I loathe red, white and blue unless you vary the colors somewhat.
5. Show us a picture of your favorite colorful quilt (yours or someone's else):
Well, this has to be one of them:
Dreaming in Color - Living in Stone Cold Black and White
Made by Sonia Brown, who I think may have a book out with this in it.
Made by Sonia Brown, quilted by Cathy Franks; from the exhibit "In the American Tradition IV" at the 2005 International Quilt Festival.)

Friday Five, Mar 9, 2008

1. Have you ever made a garment that incorporated quilting techniques? I don't really make garments any more. For one thing, I am a 'big' girl, and quilted clothing just adds more bulk. I don't think quilted clothing is very flattering to most people unless they're really skinny or the clothing is really, really well cut.

2. Have you ever cut yourself with your rotary cutter? Or sewn yourself? Or other quilting related injury? I am pretty paranoid about my rotary cutter because I could totally see myself doing one of those things. I have cut myself but only very slightly. And amazingly, I have never sewn through my finger.

3. Have you ever 'called in sick' in order to stay home and quilt? Not that I can recall. But for years I never quilted at home much anyway, I always did most of my quilting at my mom's house. (And she would've yelled at me if I did that!)

4. What color would you never use in a quilt? I will use absolutely any color. (I probably would not make a whole quilt out of, oh, say, puke green. But small amounts of it? definitely.)

5. Have you ever put in a 'joke' in one of your projects? Like putting a meat-shaped piece of fabric in a quilt intended for a vegan? Well, I made a quilt that ended up being called "The Kitchen Sink Quilt" because I put all sorts of bits and pieces of different things into it.

Also, a friend and I made a quilt for another friend whose nickname was "guppy" and we put a fish fabric on the back and I quilted a tiny fish on the front.

This is the Kitchen Sink Quilt:
The Kitchen Sink quilt
(I may have posted it here before, I can't remember!)


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