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Friday five, technique edition

Feb 29, 2008

1. What is your favourite pattern?
I'd probably go with Log Cabin because you can do so many different things with it.

2. What is your favourite technique? Um. Just plain ol' machine piecing, I guess!

3. What technique would you most like to learn? I'm not really at a place with the quilting where I'm worried about learning to do new things right now. I'd just like to have time to practice the old ones!

4. Is there a well known quilter you would like to have teach you? Who and why? Dunno, if I was going to take a class, maybe this lady. Or Nancy Crow or something like that. (I also have a secret wish to learn how to dye fabric.)

5. What is your least favourite technique? I'll go with applique.

Friday five on Saturday - prickly edition

Feb 23, 2008

1. Do you have a favorite type/brand of pins you use for quilting? If so, what?
I don't really use pins any more than I have to. I'm bad about dropping them and since I never wear shoes in the house, I am very opposed to stepping on them. However, when I have to use them I prefer the flower-head ones.

2. How many pincushions do you own? Show us a picture of your favorite one if you want. I think I threw at least one old one away when we moved - maybe more than one. I still have at least two. I've got the flower-head pins in this one, which was my mother's but she never used it:

Mom's pincushion

3. Do you own any specialty/vintage/otherwise special quilting pins? Those bent safety pins for quilting, which I much prefer for pin-basting. I have a whole bunch of those. And I think I inherited some very expensive extra-skinny applique pins from my mother.

4. What do you use to pick up pins that fall when you work? Well, as I said, I don't use them more than I have to and I try not to drop them in the first place. But I do have one of those magnetic things (also my mom's) to pick them up with. She left a trail of pins all over her house, you had to be very careful there!

5. About how many pins do you think you have? Good lord, no idea. Of my own, probably a couple of hundred, easily, and then I inherited more of my mother's. Probably thousands, easily.

Friday five, social edition

Feb 15, 2008

1. Are you part of group that meets to sew? Not right now. I need a new group. I quit going to my old one because it was too far away.

2. Have you invited friends over to quilt/sew? No - for a long time I didn't have enough room for me to sew, much less anybody else. Now that I do, I need to do some inviting, clearly!

3. Would you be interested in an "online sewing day"? Yeah, I guess I would - I have been having trouble being productive, maybe that would help!

4. Insert random picture here (it's been a while since we did pictures).... Well, here's one I don't think I've used here before:
The finished quilt!

karen_d and I made this a couple of years ago for the wedding of two of our online friends. Karen lives in Michigan and I live in Texas, but we still quilt together occasionally! We both made subunits - I made the centers, which were sampler-type blocks, and she made the other Ohio Star subunits - and I spent one weekend at her house, which was when we assembled it. Then she did part of the quilting and mailed it to me and I did some more. So it was truly a joint effort.

5. What are you weekend sewing plans? Finish the sashing on the damn swap blocks :)


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