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(I was really faithful about doing these for a pretty long time, by my standards!) (Some good pictures in this installment, though - one of [ profile] karen_d 's quilts, and an IQF Best in Show.)

Friday five, appliqued

Aug 10, 2007

1. Do you appliqué? Not often.

2. What method do you prefer - machine or hand? Definitely machine - although I have to admit that there's a certain... something... to doing it by hand.

3. Are you self-taught or have you been to a class? I did a machine-applique class once, several years ago. Whatever hand-applique I have learned is from watching my mother, or guesswork.

4. What kind of thread do you prefer using while appliquéing? Haven't done it enough to have a preference.

5. If you do hand work, what needles sizes/brand do you prefer? Ditto.

random Friday five

Aug 17, 2007

1. Have you ever done any redwork (machine or by hand)? A little bit. I used to embroider a good bit, back in the day, though.
2. Do you measure your finished rows to be sure they are the proper length? Not usually. It depends on the project. Usually I make sure the blocks are the same size, and if they are I just assume that the rows are going to fit.
3. What did you sew/quilt this week? Not a damn thing, darnit. Some day I look forward to being able to quilt again! (I did buy some fabric, though!)
4. Share a random quilting picture.
Karen - triangle quilt with fish
5. Why did you share that random picture? I was trying to really be random - I actually closed my eyes and pointed - but this is a quilt I like a lot, just the same. It was made by my friend karen_d, who also has a journal called Hat on Top. She makes some really great quilts.

Theoretical Friday five

Aug 31, 2007

1. What is your less favorite color to work with? White. It's blinding, you can't see what you're doing, and it gets dirty way too easy.

2. Are you starting to feel the "quilting bug" now that summer is about to come to an end? Yes, and I really can't do anything about it right now, either. We are getting ready to move in a month or two (depending on when a 1st-floor apartment comes open) and meanwhile we are crammed into a one-bedroom apartment with all of our own stuff and a good bit of my mother's stuff too. It's complete chaos and I have finally had to accept that there is just no place to quilt unless I sneak over to my mother's to do it. (And there I feel guilty because I ought to be packing up the rest of her stuff.) (And sorry, I know y'all have probably heard this song-and-dance before from me, but I have to vent about it occasionally!)

3. What technique would you like to take a class to learn or improve on? I don't really need classes, I just need to be able to quilt. That will help me improve as much as anything else will.

4. Hand quilting - yes or no? For me personally? No.

5. Do you have a quilty holiday wish list started? I have bought so much stuff lately, and as I said, there is no actual quilting going on at my house at the moment, so it seems silly right now to ask for more. After the move, I may decide I NEED a new sewing machine or EQ6 or something, but not now.

Discounted Friday five

Sept 7, 2007

1. How often do you use coupons for quilting related items? Not very. The JoAnn's nearest me closed, and the local quilt shops usually have sales rather than doing anything with coupons.

2. Do you find coupons for local quilt shops? I don't, particularly. See above.

3. Do you shop online with coupons? Sometimes, if I have a good one.

4. What was the best coupon/sale you took advantage of? On quilting things? 50% off, I guess. On non-quilting things... there's an online bead shop that used to do a $5 off coupon with no minimum purchase, but I think they finally went to requiring a $10 minimum (which is still a pretty good deal!)

5. What would you like to see your local quilt shop often in a coupon or sale? Realistically... either something like 40-50% off one item, or 20% off your entire purchase, or so forth. 10% is not enough to drag me into the store, usually. 15% is borderline. For a 20 or 25% off one, I will often make a special trip.

Moody Friday five

Sept 21, 2007
1. Do you find times where you just don't feel "into quilting"? Oh yes. Unfortunately now (when I haven't been able to work on quilts) is not one of those times.
2. Is there a season that you tend to be more quilty? Winter, maybe. Usually I quilt all year round though.
3. How do you pull yourself out of a funk? Just keep going - but on the other hand, if I'm working on something that I really hate working on, maybe it's time to put it down and work on something else.
4. Do you find that quilting is good therapy when you are down? It can be, yeah. I've quilted my way through some of the worst years of my life.
5. Are there times when quilting is a wee bit consuming in your life? Oh, sure. Especially when I'm trying to get something finished. I want to just not stop til it's done.

Bonus photo: this was made during the years when I was very depressed. Doesn't really show, does it?

The Kitchen Sink quilt

Friday five, quilt show edition

Sept 28, 2007

1. Who's going to IQS? Me, me, me! 

(Editing to add that I rearranged my move date so that I could go. I just could not miss it!)

2. What is the one thing you would like to see there? Lots of great quilts. And, I dunno, some must-have notion that we've never even thought of! And fabric to die for! (It's hard to cut it down to just one thing...)

3. Have you been to IQS before? I am lucky, I live close by, so yes, many times.

4. What other shows have you been to this year? None, sadly.

5. Are you considering a future trip to IQS? I (almost) always do - what I am considering for next year is a trip somewhere else!

Bonus picture, last year's Best of Show:
Mother Earth and Her Children
(this is only a detail, this thing was huge)
"Mother Earth and Her Children" - Made by Sieglinde Schoen Smith of Carlisle, Pennsylvania; winner of Best of Show (and a $10,000 prize) at the 2006 Houston International Quilt Festival. (Entered in the category Art-Whimsical.)

Oct 5, 2007

Background, for those of you who haven't heard about this ad nauseum already: we are about to move, and I will finally have a sewing room. The contents of my late mother's sewing room are mostly coming with me.

1. What do you use do your cutting on (do you have a table specifically for cutting)? I'm about to have one, but I'm not sure how much I will use it. My mother had one of those big waist-high folding tables, and I used to use it sometimes. Sometimes I think I would prefer to cut sitting down. This is one of those things I will have to see about as I go.

2. Does your sewing machine has its own table/cabinet? Yes, although at the moment it's sitting right beside me in a Tutto bag.

3. Do you use wall space for hanging things? Um, what kind of things are we talking about? I will probably do some sort of design wall - probably a flannel-backed tablecloth hung flannel-out, that's the simplest way I know of. After that, we'll see.

4. How do you come up with ideas for better use of your storage/space? I just go by what I see at other people's houses, mostly, and in pictures. Or what feels comfortable to me.

5. Can you please show us a picture of some of your storage techniques? I will do more pictures when I have my space, never fear! But here's the way things look now:


All stacked up and ready to go (mostly)! The pile is now even higher than this, though.


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