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I think I mentioned before that #musicadvent - which has always been a Twitter thing - was doing A-Z this year (skipping X). I said I might not do it, and then in the middle of the night one night this week I posted a version of Bad with lyrics. Unfortunately it was very late at night and I failed to notice that the lyrics are apparently from a non-English speaker who got some of it wrong - "find away" instead of "fade away" - but anyway, still a great song. (I think I posted the LiveAid version of this last year, and that's here.)

But that aside, I wasn't really intending to do this daily, partly because I couldn't think how I would choose songs. Then it occurred to me, kind of belatedly, that I've had iTunes since it first started - what's that, over 10 years now? - and that after all this time that contains a pretty exhaustive list of what I've listened to in the last decade, and it's easily sorted by title. So that's what I'm doing. I'm not going to try to post it over here daily like I did last year, but I'll try to post them here periodically.

I just picked stuff that seemed interesting to me. Everything here is music I like, and I'm going to try to keep from second-guessing my own taste. (People are so judgmental about other people's taste in music, and it's easy to get defensive. My taste is pretty much all over the place, quite frankly, but leaning toward rock & alternative.)

So I've been posting catch-up choices on the #musicadvent tag, and here's what I've posted so far:

A - Across the Universe, Michael Johns' cover. I always thought he had a beautiful voice. If you listen to the Idol judges afterwards, 2 of the 3 said this performance was too low-key, but I've found that I listened to this one pretty frequently over the years.

B - Bad, U2 (bad lyrics and all)

C - Chrome Plated Heart, Melissa Etheridge, a live version from Germany in 1993

(And I think three videos is enough for one day. I'll do some more tomorrow.)


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