Dec. 11th, 2015 02:24 am
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Tomorrow is "silly hat day" at work. I have a little set of purple antennae that are from Mardi Gras a couple of years ago (why did I buy those, considering I never actually go to Mardi Gras events? I don't know) that look awfully much like christmas ornaments - little round faceted balls bouncing around above my head. So I guess I'll wear those. If I wear a silly hat I don't have to wear a polo shirt, and that seems to me like a fair tradeoff. Especially since we got new shirts that are made of fabric I don't much like. There are a bunch of these things like silly hat day, coming up, and I don't have the required items for all of them - I don't really have a particularly ugly sweater, for example - so I might not can do them all, but I can minimize the polo-shirt wearing between now and the holidays, at least. (I don't think it's worth going out and buying an ugly sweater just to get out of wearing the polo shirt. I don't really hate them that much.) (This is just a tiny bit tempting, I have to admit. It's suitably hideous, but much too expensive.)

I don't get off from work two days a week til after midnight, so it's hard to get the energy to do things like write journal entries. But that's the hard part of my (very short) work-week, and tomorrow's a shorter day, and then I'm done. I really can't complain too much.

What we do when we get home is make dinner and watch Rachel Maddow, usually. Which is awfully depressing these days, mostly, but I am just not going to talk about all that. (The very fact that I watch MSNBC will probably tell you where I stand politically, anyway.) I do stay up really late, but I tend to get more brainless as the night goes on. Toward the end, I usually just play games.



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