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This came from here (it's a "friending meme") but I'm not exactly participating in that part. I mean, anybody who wants to is welcome to friend me but I only make periodic appearances here at LJ these days.

The Basics

name: Mel
age: *cough* older than I want to say - let's just say I remember when the first movie came out

Star Wars

favorite prequel trilogy character (s): I'm not much of a fan of these - Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, I guess. I like Padme at times and the rest of the time I think she's an utter idiot.
favorite original trilogy character(s): the "legacy trio" - isn't that what they're calling them now? - of Luke, Leia, & Han. I can't say that I like one more than the rest, really.
favorite sequel trilogy character (s): Rey
favorite ships: Han & Leia (I'm tempted to say the Millennium Falcon)
favorite movie in the series: the original one (A New Hope) and Empire Strikes back, almost equally
favorite scenes/moments in the series: man, that's hard to choose. Han being encased in carbonite. The battle scene when they escape (are allowed to escape) from the Death Star in the first movie. (I started to add something from the new movie but I can't think which one to pick.)
favorite actor/actress(s): Carrie Fisher
Contribute to the fandom in anyway?: no. I didn't even know it existed in such an organized way, for a long time. I never had much to do with the Expanded Universe stuff at all, either. Although I did play SWTOR for a while, does that count?
Darkside or Lightside?: well, light-side, theoretically, but light-side tends to be kinda boring. In real life we've all got a bit of both, I would say. (Sorry to bring real life into this.) In SWTOR I played both sides. I had a sith who I played for dark points so she had to do bad things periodically in order to get those. Most of my other dark characters I didn't really play as particularly dark. And for that matter, I played some of my light-side characters fairly dark, too. What it comes down to is, I'm just contrary.


other fandoms: fandom communities tend to make me insane - ship wars, all that stuff where people think their opinion is the only possible one. Because of that, I tend to hang around on the periphery of various fandoms but never really get heavily into them. That said: Buffy, Harry Potter, X-Files, among others.
other ships: My OTP is probably Mulder & Scully.



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