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Okay, I said I was sort of "meh" about Shadowhunters the TV series, but I actually watched it again and I was still (mostly) interested, so I guess I liked it more than I thought, really. So I have Thoughts, which are not going to be really deep or anything, most likely. I was thinking about the cast of the movie vs the cast of the TV series (vs maybe also the books), so let's see...

and oh, right, SPOILERS (if you haven't seen Shadowhunters pilot, or y'know, read the books - I guess I'll put the rest it behind a cut, just to be polite)

Clary Fray
Well, first of all, Book Clary is only 15 at the beginning of the book, and turns 16 shortly thereafter. TV Clary (played by Katherine McNamara) is supposed to be turning 18 as the first episode begins. Movie Clary was Lily Collins - I like Lily Collins, but I thought she was a bit too old for what was theoretically going to be a series of movies. (Also McNamara is actually a redhead where Collins is not, so points for that. They did dye her hair for the movie but I thought it seemed sort of half-hearted.) I can see that making Clary 18 solves some problems as far as, well, at some point SIX BOOKS FROM NOW (okay, 5-1/2) when she and Jace finally have sex. Anyway, since these are YA books, 18 seems more age-appropriate than the 25 or so that most of the movie cast seemed to be. Collins is 26 now, I just checked, so she was under 25 when this movie shot (it came out in the summer of 2013) but certainly well over 18. (I'm not saying that 25 is old, mind you, just that it's an awfully big difference from 15-going-on-16.) Katherine McNamara just turned 20.

Jace Wayland
Back to the age issue, book Jace is 16, as I recall. Movie Jace was Jamie Campbell Bower, who is now 27, so in the same age-group as his Clary, anyway. TV Jace is Dominic Sherwood, who is... well, 25. He seems passably teeenager-ish, though. (I have not seen the TV cast's previous work, for the most part. I keep hearing about Vampire Academy lately, do I actually need to go watch this thing?) I think both these guys have more or less the right look for Jace, and the jury's still out on TV Jace, as far as I'm concerned.

Alec Lightwood
Books: Alec is 18 by the second trilogy, so a bit older than the others, but not much.
Movie: Alec is an actor named Kevin Zegers, who was fine as the acting goes, and had more or less the right pouty-cute look for Alec, but he was the one that really started me on this "everybody is too old" thing because I just didn't think he passed as a teenager. (He is 31. Not that there's anything wrong with looking 31, either. I'd give my left pinky to look 31.)
TV: Alec is Matthew Daddario, who is actually all of 28 himself, so Google informs me. I was amused that they had Isabelle repeatedly refer to him as "big brother" - I guess that was just in case you didn't already know that they're supposed to be related. He didn't look old enough that I stopped to think about this issue til now, at least.

Isabelle Lightwood
Books: I guess Izzy is supposed to be 16, too, since she has to be younger than Alec. I don't remember much specific discussion of her age in the books.
Movie: Isabelle is played by Jemima West, who is also apparently pushing 30. I didn't really think she looked that much like a teenager, either, but I thought she was a good Isabelle, aside from that. (Anyway, the movie had problems more serious than who looked what age, let's face it.)
TV: Emeraude Toubia is 26. More of an issue to me was the way they overplayed the sexpot angle right off the bat. Maybe they'll calm down with that later. Not that Isabelle isn't supposed to be sexy, but I thought they overdid it a bit. I was amused by the platinum-blonde wig in the first half of the episode, though. ("Demons like blondes," they say - then as soon as they actually get near the demons she pulls the wig off. The ensuing hair-toss was kinda hot, though, I have to admit.) (On further reflection, maybe the blondes line was meant as a Jace joke? I dunno.)

Simon Lewis
Books: Simon is Clary's best friend and all that, so he's bound to be 16 as well.
Movie: Robert Sheehan is in his late 20s, and also failed noticeably to impersonate a teenager. TV Simon, Alberto Rosende, is a mere 22, so more in TV-Clary's actual age range. Everybody knows what Simon is supposed to look like, I think - Geek with a capital G - and both movie and TV Simons stuck with the basic look like glue. I did not especially like the transformation of Simon's band from an all-male band into a boy-girl duo - and it makes the running joke about the goofy and ever-changing band-names even more absurd, somehow. (I'll get to the band-mate issue when we get further down the list.)

Magnus Bane
Books: Magnus tells diffferent stories about his age from time to time, but he's immortal and probably something on the order of 300 years old - so what age he appears to be is a bit less important. Youngish, anyway, and the books state that he is Eurasian quite clearly, making some fangirls' loudly-stated preference for casting Adam Lambert wrong, wrong, wrong. (I do see why they thought of him, though - he would have the proper charisma, for sure.)
Movie: Godfrey Gao; TV: Harry Shum, Jr. - both of whom have the Magnus look down cold. We didn't really see Magnus for long enough in the pilot to know much more about the character than that, though.

OK, this is already long, and much as I would like to stop and discuss the respective merits of Aidan Turner vs. Isaiah Mustafa - Hot Dwarf vs Old Spice Guy - as Luke, it's really further down the cast list that I want to talk about. I'm not finding backup for one thing I wanted to discuss on IMDb, though. I could swear that they called Simon's female band-mate "Maureen" - in the books, Maureen doesn't show up as a major character til much later. But here's the thing: Maureen is 13. She's somebody's little sister (or maybe it's cousin) that comes and hangs out when the band plays. Assuming I heard right, turning Maureen into Simon's band-mate is... odd.

The other one I wanted to talk about was "Dot" - who is apparently Dorothea from City of Bones and the movie. In the movie she's played by CCH Pounder; in the books, I thought she seemed like she might have been even older. The TV Dorothea/Dot is Clary's mom's "assistant" who does seem to have an office downstairs (Dorothea is a fortuneteller who lives on the first floor of the brownstone) and who is seen with some tarot cards early on, so I guess that's their way of working in that angle. It's unclear what Jocelyn is supposed to be doing that would require an assistant.

And then there's Valentine - this was Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the movie (hot, but horribly written), and a guy named Alan van Sprang on TV, as a thuggish villain with very unclear motivations. He wants Jocelyn (they are very vague about why), he decides by the end that he wants Clary, too - and he's been buying up the blood of mundanes, which makes absolutely no sense to me plotwise. I thought the whole show bogged down on him rather severely.

Anyway, enough obsessing for now.

Date: 2016-01-16 07:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I plan to check that show out pretty soon.

And I thought the Vampire Academy movie was awful... I think that would make a better TV show than movie, as well.

Date: 2016-01-21 09:12 am (UTC)
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Yeah, what I really need to do is read the books instead, I think.


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