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I did a quiz! Online quizzes seem like an artifact of the old Livejournal days, to me. This one is about "secondary" Harry Potter characters - apparently everybody other than Harry, Ron, Herminone, Voldemort and Dumbledore are secondary, in somebody-or-other's opinion (even Snape!) - but anyway, this thing has something like 84 questions and I got 94%. I couldn't remember which one was Crabbe and which one was Goyle, and the rest of them I missed were pretty much the really minor characters, the ones that stayed in the background, mostly some of the most minor adults. (I've read the books more times than I've seen the movies, so it's putting the faces with the names that I tripped up on. The spelling of the names is not a problem for me.)

Anyway, that reminded me that I meant to come back and talk about Fantastic Beasts and How to Find Them, because I don't think I said anything about it other than that we'd been twice and that (obviously) we liked it. I'll try not to be spoilery, because the main thing I wanted to say was that if you haven't seen it you really ought to. I read somewhere that while its first weekend wasn't spectacular, it's holding on really well and it's going to end up making more money than they first thought - it has "good legs" as they say. And that tells you that the word of mouth is good. I guess the #1 thing that I liked about it were the CGI animals, because they are gorgeous, but the rest of it is awfully good too. I have never been a huge fan of Eddie Redmayne's, but he is really good in this as well, as is, well, everybody else. Other than Redmayne and Colin Farrell and the (cough) surprise guest (which I won't spoil) at the end - and, well, Jon Voight, but that's also practically a cameo - mostly this is a cast of relative unknowns. They're people who have been around, yes, but aren't really super-famous. -- Anyway, everything else I can think of to say seems to veer into spoiler territory, and to avoid that, I better just stop here.

Regarding the title of this entry, the "Wizarding World" thing seems to be what they're pushing as an overall name for the two series, since "Harry Potter" doesn't exactly work any more. (Before this I had only heard it as the name of that theme-park thing in Orlando.)

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Date: 2016-12-08 01:27 pm (UTC)
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I also came away impressed with Katherine Waterston's range. She was the frumpy straight-woman here, and the sex bomb in Inherent Vice. She's someone on my radar of actors to look for.

I can't remember if you're a Doctor Who fan, but as I said elsewhere, Redmayne was basically playing Matt Smith's Doctor, maybe minus the menace. If you liked Fantastic Beasts, check out Smith's Christmas specials, which are stand-alones, so you don't need the back story or story arc to enjoy them fully.

Date: 2016-12-09 02:46 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Huh, I always liked Matt Smith's Doctor, so maybe that sort of explains why I warmed up to Redmayne here more than I usually do. (In fact the "warmed up" metaphor is possibly a good way to describe what I've previously thought about Redmayne - he's prone to be sort of chilly.)

(I am not a superfan like Debbie or anything, but I'm a regular watcher of Doctor Who, just the same.)

I agree that Waterston was really good. A lot of young actresses have problems doing frumpy. I also liked the "Fine Frenzy" girl (whose name keeps escaping me) as her sister.

(This is Mel - I'm at work and I don't know my login.)


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