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 There are just few enough people doing Music Advent that I worry about posting the same video somebody had already posted, I guess I should just get over that. Anyway, somebody had already done a Pentatonix song, and somebody had done some artist singing Hallelujah, but nobody (as far as I could see) did both of those together.

Pentatonix apparently put this on a Christmas album but that is WRONG, so very wrong. This is totally not a Christmas song. But it's a great song so I am forgiving Pentatonix for that, just this once.

#musicadvent 2018
Day 1: Prince does Creep -
Day 2: Pearl Jam does Petty  -
Day 3: Haley Reinhart does Gaga -
Day 4: Hot Chip does Springsteen -
Day 5: Mary Chapin Carpenter does Springsteen -
Day 6: Amy Winehouse does The Zutons -
Day 7: Chris Cornell does Prince/Sinéad -
Day 8: Feist & Ben Gibbard do Vashti Bunyan -
Day 9: David Byrne does Nancy Sinatra -
Day 10: Miley Cyrus does Nancy Sinatra -
Day 11: Linda Ronstadt does Karla Bonoff -
Day 12: Cry Cry Cry (Dar Williams, Richard Shindell and Lucy Kaplansky) do R.E.M. -
Day 13: Sara Bareilles does Sia -
Day 14: Sara Bareilles does Elton John -
Day 15: Less Than Jake does Laverne & Shirley -
Day 16: Pentatonix does Cohen:


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