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I was wrong when I said the Astros were off today. I realize that that's not terribly important in the grand scheme of things, but there's a week to go in the season and it's important if you're a Astros or Cubs or Giants fan right now. (And I believe the Rangers are involved in something similar in the AL, for that matter.) The Giants are off today, and the Astros and the Cubs are both winning big. (Them: 12-1, us: 10-2) So we will still be 1-1/2 behind the Cubs, but only half a game behind the Giants. Assuming both teams win. The Astros have two more losses than the Cubs - and they do have a day off, it's just Thursday instead of today - so if the Astros win all the rest of their games, and the Cubs win all but two, they will end the season tied. Theoretically we could even have a 3-way tie, which would be a mess. But at this point the Astros would be happy to be in any kind of playoffs.

I forgot, somewhat ironically, to say that Rob went to see The Forgotten yesterday, and he reports that it's pretty good, in a rather X-File-ish way. I didn't go with him; I just couldn't work up much enthusiasm for it. (I've always been an "X-Files" fan, though, so if somebody had told me what I just told you I probably would have gone!)


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