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(Sorry, but it's kind of on my mind right now. If you'd rather hear about quilts, there's stuff over here you can read. Here I'm talking baseball.)

The thing is, the Astros won, and the Cubs lost, and so we are now only a half-game out! Woo! We are tied with the Giants at the moment, but they are still playing, so they'll either be a half-game ahead of us (and tied with the Cubs) or they'll be a half-game behind us and in third place. Maddux pretty much got spanked in the Cubs' game, I gather. The Astros won by 1 run, 2-1, but we'll take it. It was a very exciting game, as one-run games tend to be. It's like a playoff atmosphere up there right now.

And if the 'Stros actually get into the playoffs, we're going to a game! I bought the tickets today. I haven't been to a playoff game since 1999 - five years ago. Wow. (That was a fairly memorable one, too - last game in the Astrodome and all that.) The tickets were only $20 - that's for terrace deck tickets, the bottom of the upper deck - but by the time Ticketmaster got done with me, the 2 $20 tickets ended up costing $65.50. That's so ridiculous. But, as I said in chat today, in the old days you'd have had to go hang out at the Astrodome and get wristbands and all that crap, so maybe it's worth the extra $25. (I'm not entirely convinced of that, but maybe.)

Date: 2004-09-29 06:09 am (UTC)
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I managed to miss every Rockies game when I lived midcountry, despite working next to the bloody stadium for a time. Now it looks like there may be baseball coming to my neck of the woods (official announcement today) - I am *so* getting tickets when it does! I haven't seen a Real Game since I lived next to Fenway Park (view of 3rd and home, and no problem hearing the announcers - free!)...


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