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Ooh, I have 101 icons, and room for more! I just got up to 100 for the first time last week, so the extra ones are very timely. And I renewed my paid account this morning, whereupon I got two more! (You get one for every 3 months, right? So I guess that's the two for the extra six months I just paid for.) I am very attached to my icons, for some reason. I was having a terribly hard time deciding what to delete. There were a few obvious candidates (like the seasonal ones, which I can just upload again next year, after all) but after that I was sort of stymied. I also changed my style while I was at it, which most of you will not notice.

(Is the presence of a baseball-player silhouette enough of a clue for non-baseball people to figure out what the Kissimmee icon is about? It's not that I am promoting Florida in general, it's just a spring training thing. Kissimmee is where the Astros are right now.)

I just got spam allegedly from the IRS, saying I had gotten a tax refund, and just click on this link to re-submit so that I can get my money. Are there really people stupid enough to fall for this? There probably are, and that's pretty sad.

I left my flash drive at home, and I may have to go home at lunch and get it, partly just because it's worrying me. That thing's so tiny I always worry that I will lose it. (I have a habit of popping it off of the keychain when I'm using it so the keys won't be in the way, and I should probably stop doing that.) Also I was going to download the new (that is, new-new, as opposed to the new version from a couple of weeks ago) version of Dofus which came out yesterday, because I was unsuccessful at getting it to download at home last night. It would get to about 15% and stop, every time.

It's spring break here, which means horrid traffic. The weather hasn't really been all that great, so you would think people would give up and go home, but noooo. Stupid teenagers. (Disclaimer: any teenagers reading this, of course I don't mean you. After all, if you were in Galveston clogging up traffic, you probably wouldn't be reading this!) The weather keeps changing, which means I have been sickly all week, in a minor way. But I would rather be sickly and have the cooler weather. It's too early for it to get hot.


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