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Baseball update: the Astros won yesterday, and the Cubs and Giants lost. Today, the Cubs lost again. We are now in first place by a full game!! Woo!! (Three games to go. We're at home against the Rockies. Everybody needs to take a deep breath and not hyperventilate.)

Kerry kicked Bush's ass in the debate. Only the most rabid Republican is going to contest that. A big woo! for that too! I was in chat during most of the debate, which was utterly hilarious.

We are having lovely weather, y'all. It's still pretty warm, but not like it has been, and it's just beautiful. The water is blue and the tourists are mostly gone - if you ever had the urge to visit Galveston, now wouldn't be a bad time.

We started looking last night to see if we could find a cheap plane fare for Rob to go to Ohio to see his parents at Thanksgiving, and after a good bit of hunting around, we found the mother of all cheap tickets (more or less) on Travelocity - $133 round trip from Houston to Columbus! I thought it must be a typo. But no, it's on American, it's not in the middle of the night, apparently there's no major catch. It leaves from the airport on the other side of town and it's not a nonstop or anything, but I can live with that. So the upshot is that we are BOTH going to Ohio for Thanksgiving.


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