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(Except for the last paragraph, which strays from the GW theme a little bit!)

I was thinking I need to put up some more Guild Wars screenshots, because they amuse me. I think I got one last night that has both our lovely characters in it, while we were paused for something or other. Seriously, one thing about these kind of games, the female characters, at least, are not hard on the eyes. (Some of the male ones, too - I think the male Rangers are particularly hot. They have sort of an Aragorn vibe going.) My character's "armor" these days includes really skin-tight lavender-colored pants and a low-cut top, and Col's warrior girl Io has what appears to be a fur-trimmed bustier, to go with her Xena-style short skirt and boots. Also, I have just joined the Older Gamers' guild, and tonight they are doing a "group picture" - which should be interesting.

So we made sure I did more of the navigating around in the game last night, and it worked out very well. Col was also apparently worried that he was doing too much of the attacking, but that hadn't been bothering me. I do think maybe I have been too shy, or something, about starting fights - I think I worry that I will draw more enemies down on our heads than I need to. But most of the time it's fine, even if you do. (If you die in this game, your teammates can revive you anyway, or if everybody dies, you get automatically revived. You lose some energy for a while, is the worst that happens. I think the only time both of us died was the first time we fought Charr - which are big sort of walking-tiger warriors - back in the pre-Searing stage of the game.)

I do have a thing or two going on in my life that doesn't involve Guild Wars or quilts, believe it or not. But most of it is stuff I don't particularly want to talk about, like work and money. (Rob's pickup is dying a slow and painful death, for one thing, and it's still a couple of months before we were ready to buy another car!) At work, we have had Personnel Drama, which I don't really think I ought to say too much about here, and we have been very busy lining up a bunch of data for some consultants that are coming in. That has finally slowed down, though, at least for me. But yay, it's Friday! Tonight, more Guild Wars (of course) and tomorrow, quilting!


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