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Somehow I had managed not to know exactly how Jon-Benet Ramsay died for the last ten years, but CNN took care of that for me last night. Yuck. On the other hand, with (presumably) a trial upcoming and everything, it's unlikely that my blissful ignorance would have lasted too much longer anyway.

If you've been following the ongoing saga of the elevators here at work, you will be happy to know that things are improving. Apparently we had contracted out elevator maintenance to some company who was not Otis, and now Otis is doing it again, and that is why more of the elevators are working. (And fewer of them are doing things like jerking randomly on the way up.) However, when we stopped on the 5th floor this morning, it said we were on the 34th floor (and going down, not up, to boot). Then when we got to the 6th floor it went back to being correct again. Go figure. Most people have learned by now to look at the numbers on the side of the door when the elevator actually opens, since you obviously can't trust the display on the inside.  -- Of course the fact that there is no 14th floor in this building, much less a 34th, also ought to be a clue.

I am using the "episode 1 bored" icon because I have been all week - my co-workers have been gone to another building to work on budget templates. They do this every year, although I have never really understood why it is that they can only do them at Lipton Tea. (Most of UTMB's Finance department is housed in the old Lipton Tea warehouse, if you're wondering about that name. That's no longer its official name, of course, but it has stuck, apparently for good.)

It has also not helped my bored-dom that [personal profile] columbina is in a work crunch this week and has been staying off of IM. Naturally I'm happy for him that he finally has a job that he enjoys, but on the other hand it has been cutting into our rambling-conversation time to an annoying degree lately. (Yes, we are still playing GuildWars together practically every night - but it's hard to have a good rambling conversation while you're killing things. We get bits and snippets of non-GW conversation in there, but it's not really the same.) (And yes, I know. I'm a demanding thing. What can I say?)


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