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I've been meaning to write an entry but at the moment I can't think what it was I was going to write about. I'm sure it will come back to me. At the moment all I can think about is that I feel kind of crappy. At least they have finally stopped doing whatever work they were doing down the hall that was making a sound like a very large and very annoyed bee. It went on about half an hour and it definitely contributed to the current headache. However, there has been consumption of Aleve and Allegra-D in the interim and hopefully they will kick in soon. So enough about that.

It occurs to me on reading the last paragraph that the construction "there has been ________" is very much a Columbine thing. The two of us were bad enough before we ever started playing GuildWars that [personal profile] peebles used to call us "siamese twins" in TUS-chat. Now that we talk to each other pretty much every single day (rather than just the mostly-every-weekday IMs before that) and spend at least an hour or two - or sometimes five - battling dwarves and Luxons and evil warlords and giant plants together, it seems we have gotten much worse about that. I really think we have frightened a couple of people who have played with us without knowing us first, because of the way we have a tendency to say the same thing at the same time, and things like that. (Plus, when we both play our ritualists, we have pets with names that rhyme. Biao and Xiao - named completely independently. It really is sort of scary.)

Rob & I went to see "Little Miss Sunshine" on Sunday, about which I don't really have a lot to say. I liked it. I'm not sure I would have wanted to see it if I had known more about it, since it dances around so many very uncomfortable subjects; however, it manages to dance lightly and amusingly around these subjects for the most part, which is not an easy thing to do. (And it gives "Superfreak" a whole new meaning, which still makes me giggle every time I think about it.)

Those of you who were at all interested in the Astros' recent saga probably already know that it didn't have a happy ending. On the other hand they at least made the race drag out until the very last day of the season, and made life more interesting for the Astros fans (and way too interesting for Cardinals fans, I'm sure) for a couple of weeks. It was fun while it lasted.

(The angry bee is back. Sigh. At least my headache has improved in the interim.)

We are going to Chicago and then Ohio in 10 days. I am not at all prepared for this, not that there's all that much preparing to do. My mother is going to my aunt's for a week or so and won't be back before I leave, and her birthday is next week. I am going to have to do some heavy-duty making up for that when I get back, I suspect, since my mother loves her birthday celebrations. (I'm sure my aunt will do some sort of little party while she's up there, though.) I still maintain that October got here much sooner than it ought to have, in any case. How does that keep happening?

I finished the top to the latest quilt I've been working on - I'll have to put up the picture later. After this I may be able to relax a little on the quilting. For about the last year I've had a string of projects with deadlines on them that I had to finish by a certain time, and I'm really, really sick of that.

I think the thing I really intended to write about was what I've been reading. The Discworld cake reminded me, since Terry Pratchett is one of the things I've been reading. (Good Omens, though, rather than Discworld.) That entry will have to wait, though; this one is already quite long enough without it.


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