Nov. 4th, 2006 12:13 am
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There was a whole big line of motorcycles in front of the IHOP this morning. It was sort of funny. My muffler seems to be going out in my car, and it sounds strangely like I'm driving a sportscar, but nobody's going to notice that as long as all these bikes are in town. They really make a racket. We live a good 1000 feet or so back from the Seawall, but I still can hear them out there, every time one of them revs an engine.

I told somebody I was going to "earlyvote" today - I don't know when that became one word in my head. I think the flipped word order comes from talking about "early voting" all the time, but it's still kind of an odd usage. Anyway, we have a new courthouse in Galveston, and I had to go figure out where we go for early voting now. It wasn't too hard, although if somebody hadn't told me it was on the 2nd floor I would've been asking the guards, because there was not much in the way of signage.

Guard (in reply to something I didn't hear): "I don't get involved in that. I'm just here for guns, knives and bombs."

It was also the first time I've used the electronic voting machines - eSlate, I think they were called. Dumb name. They were, uh, not exactly intuitive. I don't know, are everybody's machines the same or do different states have different ones? These, you have to sort of spin this wheel thing, and they look like touchscreens but they're not, and it was all rather confusing. They're not actually that hard to use once you get the hang of them, but it took me a while and I'm usually pretty decent with figuring out computerized things.

(I will probably write something about who I voted for later. But not now; I'm beat.)


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