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It was horribly foggy this morning, and it kept getting worse as I got further down the island. Actually I say "horrible" because I don't like fog, but it was never quite so bad that you couldn't tell where you were or anything, so it really wasn't as bad as all that. Still, I want it to go away, and it looks like I will get my wish, because there's a cold front bearing down us at this very moment. I don't think it's supposed to get incredibly cold or anything, but at least it should be enough to blow the fog away. I hate fog, can you tell?

Once again I have written an entry and left it where I am not. So you will get that one later, I imagine. Meanwhile, I am kind of upset by something that happened - not to me, but sort of a family thing - and I am having trouble thinking about anything else. It's not something that I feel free to write about, though, since it concerns somebody else's life and not mine! But suffice it to say that it upset me. My mental state has been sort of precarious lately, anyway.[profile] superplinwrote an entry where she mentioned the word "limnal" and it keeps popping into my head that that's how I feel these days. I was talking the other day about my life being in transition, and I guess it's part of that. I feel between. Between being happy and sad, a lot of the time. I veer back and forth but I don't spend too long in either place. I guess it could be worse - if I'm not spending a lot of time being terribly happy, at least I'm not spending a lot of time really UNhappy, either.

We went to see The Golden Compass yesterday. I knew the reviews weren't especially good but I wanted to see it anyway. And the reviews were about right, it wasn't great. It wasn't terrible either, it just didn't seem to hang together very well. I think it would be confusing if you hadn't read the books, although Rob hasn't and he seemed to be following it ok. It was pretty to look at, though, which is basically why we went.
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The fog finally rolled out to sea this afternoon - we've been living inside a fogbank for days. I bet it will be back tonight, though. You could see it hanging over the water, way out.

At least a front is supposed to come in tomorrow - hopefully it should blow it all away. I never can remember the meteorological reasons for the fog we get in the winter. I know the air is almost always warmer than the water when it happens - the water is in the 50s so it has to be fairly warm. Does it have something to do with the dewpoint? I think I have a mental block about this.

(The icon is just because I think it's cute. Yeah, I know it's a day late. Shut up.)

(Which reminds me, Rob wasn't supposed to get me anything, but he showed up with a yellow rose and a dragonfly pin at lunchtime yesterday - apparently he'd already bought it before I told him not to get anything.)
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It's a nice day today (and no fog! yay!), and Rob and I just walked down to the other end of campus to get lunch. It's maybe a mile or a little more round-trip. I need to be walking that - if not more - every day. (I don't need to be eating mexican food every day, though!)

I have been scheduling meetings most of the day, so I've been busy - but now everybody has gone to a meeting and I am lonely. Some days I like it when it's quiet, but not today. This may have to do with the general tiredness and mild depression I've been feeling the last few days, which in turn probably has something to do with my stress level, which has been unusually high, what with the parental illnesses and other issues and the broken-down car and all. ("Other issues" mostly meaning my dad's sudden marriage!)

On the car front, I haven't heard any more about it since I authorized the repairs on Friday, but they said it would be late this week before it gets done, so that's not surprising. The money is in my bank account now waiting to be spent. The credit union has really streamlined their loan process - I filled out the online application Friday morning, they got back to me in half an hour or so with a "yes" answer, I faxed them the signed forms Monday morning and the money showed up in my bank account yesterday. Nice.

My mom is coming home from the hospital tomorrow, which I know makes her very happy. I talked to her this morning and she didn't sound better at all, but I'm hoping that was just because it was early. I called back a little bit ago and she sounded much better. (Although also, the speech therapist was there so she probably was paying a lot more attention to her talking!)


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