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Somebody on Holidailies has a blog called "Julie Do Ya Love Me?" - which unfortunately is a song I know very well (or did once anyway), and so it keeps getting stuck in my head every time I see that. Bobby Sherman, is that who sang that song? I bet a lot of the younger ones around here (meaning, well, everybody under 40 or so) have never even heard of him. Well, you didn't miss much there. Same era as the Partridge Family and the Osmond Brothers, that's probably enough to tell you a lot.
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From Rivka

(I'm doing this instead of finishing the entry about marathon weekend. Go figure.)

Twenty acts I've seen live, with annotations.

(It's been damn close to 20 years since I've been to a concert - isn't that pitiful? - so let's see if I can remember 20 of them. Almost all of these were in Austin, in the first half of the 80s. I'll put the year and/or tour if I'm fairly sure I really remember that.)

1. REM - Municipal Auditorium, 1985?

2-3. Echo and the Bunnymen, probably 1984, Ocean Rain tour? We were right up front and almost got squashed, thanks to my friend Rick who was not quite an E&tB groupie. Some terrific band opened for them but I can't think who it was (dammit), but I know that Billy Bragg was the middle act. Really great concert.

4. Stevie Ray Vaughn - at The Ark Co-op, 1981. (That was where I lived, and he played our Halloween party and we paid him the unheard-of - for us - sum of $1000. We made tons of money and bought all-new washers and dryers. True story.) And everybody who was there says he was fabulous but to be honest, I was so drunk - and possibly otherwise chemically altered - I don't remember one way or the other.

5. The Police - 1981 or early '82, at the Drum/Erwin Center/whatever it's called these days. (Hereafter referred to as the Drum.) Ghost in the Machine tour.

6-8. Fleetwood Mac - on Halloween, I think, in the Drum. Stevie Nicks wore a witch's hat and disappeared backstage between every number, and since this was pre-rehab days, we thought we had a pretty good idea what she was doing back there. But they were good. And Glenn Frey was the opening act, rather strangely, and I want to say the Fabulous T-birds as well.

9. Frankie Goes to Hollywood, at Municipal Auditorium at the height of their "Relax" success. Surprisingly fun.

10. New Order - at Municipal Auditorium, 1985. I fell asleep. Seriously. They were that boring.

11. Katrina and the Waves, at the Austin Opry House (isn't that what it was called?) - I seem to recall that this concert was $6, which was cheap even then. And worth every penny. (Really. Not bad at all.)

12. The Cars - another one at the Drum (you notice that's where the big acts played) - I used to have a t-shirt that said "THE CARS ON THE ROAD 1982" and it had a tire track across the back. I wonder whatever happened to that shirt. Seems like I remember Rob wearing it not too many years ago.

13. U2 - seems like it was the "Bad" tour. I was disappointed, really, I had heard so much about how great they were live. They were fine, but if you've seen that old "Live at Red Rocks" video? It was exactly like that. Except without the rocks.

14-15. Tom Petty - man, I almost forgot about this one. At the Drum, with Lone Justice opening.

16. Jerry Jeff Walker and Gary P. Nunn, at the Opry House for some political benefit, 1981.

17. Dan Fogelberg, twice - 1979 and 1981, I think. Shut up, I was still a teenager.

18. Jackson Browne, c. 1980. This one also falls into the hall of shame nowadays, doesn't it? But I loved him at the time.

19. Michael (Martin) Murphey, 1977. It was free.

20. Howard Jones, with somebody cool and completely off-kilter opening for him. Unfortunately I can't remember now who that was.

21. (Because I just remembered another interesting one) Timbuk 3, at the Texas Union, probably in '85. Right on the cusp on their one-hit wonder fame.

Man, and I left off David Bowie, too. How could I forget him?

(And I think it was Marshall Crenshaw who was the opening act for Howard Jones.)


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