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Somebody really needs to do something about the elevators here at work. I got off at 8 but the electronic display said 7. Very confusing. There's one over on the other side of the building that will tell you it's on 42 or something (it's a Douglas Adams elevator!) despite the fact that there's not more than 12 floors anywhere in the complex.

I got my hair done yesterday, which was a relief. There comes a point - it seems to come about 2-1/2 months after the last color - when my roots get long enough that all that gray suddenly starts driving me absolutely insane. Now it is nicely dark plum with no gray visible, at least for the moment (and hey, when they're colored the silver hairs become highlights!), and I think I even like the cut, too. And it is not too short, which is Rob's main criteria for my haircuts. Not that I disagree with him, anyway - I don't like my hair terribly short. Since I have started letting them layer it more the sides are shorter, so it feels shorter overall, but in the back it's still pretty much the same length it's been for a long time, which is sort of vaguely collarbone-length. A little longer than shoulder-length, if you follow me.

(GuildWars stuff under the cut!)

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This weekend is Beach Party Weekend in Galveston, which means that the traffic will be in major gridlock all weekend, and my mother wants to celebrate my birthday this weekend, so we decided that rather than deal with the traffic, we will just spend the night in Houston Saturday night. We got a reservation at the Best Western near Hobby Airport for a very reasonable price. Since we will be going out on Saturday when everybody is coming in, and in on Sunday when everybody is coming out, that should keep us away from the worst of it. (What I really wanted to avoid was going to the mainland Saturday and then dealing with coming back Saturday night, because I've had some really awful experiences with that in the past.) I think we will probably go someplace in Kemah for my birthday dinner. Maybe Saltgrass Steakhouse, I don't know.
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(Hmm, maybe I should just make this my default icon for a while. That "pennant" thing is getting kinda old anyway.)

I already wrote a Holidailies entry today (about the Rose Bowl, of course) but I seem to be in a talking mood, so I figured I'd write something over here. (If you're really fascinated by the Rose Bowl, there seem to be quite a few entries about it over there - not surprising, I guess, since there are a lot of Austin people there.)

I got my hair done yesterday - we (meaning the hairdresser and I) went a shade lighter than we have been, and it looks nice. I'm not sure if I like the haircut, though. It looked good when she was doing it, but it doesn't look that great today. We'll see what happens when I wash it tomorrow. She did do a sort of a spiky thing in front that I like.

Rob was very upset that the Rose Bowl was on last night instead of Lost. Apparently he had some idea there was going to be a new episode this week.


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