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Holidailies starts on Monday, which technically is tomorrow, now, and which means I'll be hanging around LJ more for the next month, presumably. I have a plan for something specific to do for Holidailies - sort of like that Music Advent thing I was doing off and on last year, but with different years and a more personal spin to it. That's if I get around to actually writing anything like that. I'm not working tomorrow so hopefully I'll get my shit together in the next 24 hours, at some point, and write something for Monday.

In the meantime, I'm playing Guild Wars 2 again, since Col, my normal gaming partner, is off playing Skyrim without me. (He can't do it with me, there's no multiplayer mode for it, and I could theoretically be playing Skyrim, myself  - I bought it back a month or more ago when it was on sale - but I haven't gotten into it yet.) I know I'm getting interested in GW2 again because I went from just doing the dailies with my lowest character and stopping after that to hanging around in Orr (which is the hard part) with my high-level guys. (My GW2 characters are actually all girls, not guys, but it sounded more interesting the other way.*) So anyway, I have until tomorrow to finish the monthly part, and I need to do quite a bit of stuff for that, but I have all day tomorrow, so I'll make it. I might even get it done tonight, assuming I stay up long enough.

*Actually, come to think of it, I tend to use "guy" the way a younger person would use "dude" to an extent, especially when it's plural - that is, it just means "people" most of the time, rather than "male people." And all the normal terms for women annoy me - that is, "women" is fine for generalities but sounds totally off when you throw it into casual conversation; "girls" sounds demeaning, "ladies" is worse, and "gals" makes me want to scratch somebody's eyes out. Really, we need better terminology for all of this.

(Lest you say "What's wrong with saying 'women'?" try substituting it where I said "guys" in that first sentence where I got off onto this tangent. "My high-level women" just sounds goofy.)
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Hey, happy birthday, [ profile] ursulahitler, wherever you are!

I miss my old LJ friends. (And I'm the guilty party here, because I'm one of the ones who went away, for the most part.)
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I thought Livejournal wasn't going to let me post, but apparently the posting page is alright. It's the user info page that seems to be borked. But anyway....

I seem to still be wanting to talk about Les Miz, probably because I still have the music stuck in my head. I keep looking up videos on YouTube, which isn't helping my Les Miz earworms go away.
Here's the link for this embed in case the embed doesn't work. I never can tell if they're going to. (Also I "shared" this link on Facebook yesterday - for some reason - so some of you may have seen it already.) Anyway, the thing is, I thought "Bring Him Home" was easily Jackman's weakest number. Maybe he was going for the tortured effect deliberately, who knows - but it certainly sounded sort of tortured, like he was having trouble hitting those notes. And that really struck me when I listened to somebody who seemingly hits those notes effortlessly. The gentleman singing it here is apparently named Alfie Boe, and since this is from the Brit awards, I'm guessing he's from a recent London cast. And you get Samantha Barks and the big choral numbers besides.

Okay,so it's New Year's Eve and everybody's writing about resolutions. I don't really do resolutions because I immediately forget about them and they're just gone into the void, but if I did it would be the same kind of thing everybody says. Lose some weight (in fact I have lost about 10 pounds over the last couple of months, but I need to lose at least a bit more), take better care of my money, exercise more, the usual stuff. As far as today, I am going to do some work this afternoon and then we will probably just watch TV tonight. I hate dodging the drunks so I don't like to go out on NYE and neither does Rob. So we stay home and play games or whatever and be hermits. I've got the Rose Parade queued up to tape in case I sleep late.

I might write one more entry if I get going later. I have time to get it in under the wire tonight! (I've slacked off on the posting for Holidailies but I'll have 28 entries or so which I think is decent enough!)


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