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Iko, Maya & KarenD
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Can't sleep, so bear with me if this is sort of rambly.

I have been sort of obsessive about my friendslist lately ("why do I only have 61 mutual friends today when I had 62 yesterday??") so when I stumbled upon this picture way down in my flickr sets, I was happy to notice that all three of these lovely women are on my mutual friends list, over 3 years later. This is from JournalCon Austin in 2003. Part of the beauty of online friendships is their portability. Shawn (aka Maya) has moved all the way across the country since then, but we've all managed to keep up with her just the same. Karen & I have met in person a number of times since, most memorably the two times we spent weekends assembling quilts. (Once was at my mother's house, for that matter, making her the only one of my online friends to have met my mother.) (We need to do that quilting weekend thing again sometime!)

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Well, lunch with the [personal profile] columbina family went off as planned. We met at the original Cadillac Bar, which is a mexican restaurant that's right on I-10 so was right on their way through Houston. (It is a Landry's restaurant now, but Landry's had the sense not to change it much from the way it was, thankfully.) It was very nice to see both of them. I hope it's not another two years before we get to do it again.

I was running early, for once in my life, so I dropped my car off at the dealer on the way up - they may be expensive, but at least they give you a rental car in the bargain. And unfortunately it's still there - I mostly needed the inspection done, but I also have had problems with the air conditioning not working properly and so I asked them to check it, and apparently that's the sticking point. I hope it's nothing too horribly expensive. (Probably a vain hope. Sigh.)

Meanwhile, after lunch and before I gave up on getting my car back today, I went shopping. I pretty much bought my summer wardrobe. Five pairs of pants and probably as many shirts. Maybe more. I bought so much stuff I lost count! (Also, some really adorable earrings, which were on sale. I am back on an earring kick lately.)

(Oh, and I got an e-mail from Col saying they made it to Austin okay. Which was nice to hear, because I worry. I am getting to be an old mother hen, I swear.)
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I talked to [personal profile] columbina last night; he & Debby were supposed to be in Louisiana but they were in NYC instead. Weather problems, he said. So that trip is off to a roaring start. Think good thoughts for them as they ought to be in the air right now; they were supposed to be flying out at 8am.

Apparently this does not affect our planned lunch tomorrow unless further things go wrong, since they still have to be in Austin for the wedding at the appointed time. (I have never remembered to ask, but I assume the wedding is sometime on Saturday.) So I'll report back on that.


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