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I am feeling terribly foggy-brained the last few days. Not that it's unusual for me to have trouble concentrating, but it seems like it's unusually bad. Maybe because I haven't been sleeping too well. I don't know why that is either, though. New house? I don't know why that'd bother me but it's possible. It's not the thumping I was talking about yesterday - that's not audible at all from the bedroom, only the living room.

I subscribed (well, I haven't actually paid yet, but I committed to subscribe) to a year of[personal profile] elisem 's Beads of the Month program (aka[profile] botmo ). I suspect that Rob would not approve, but, well, frankly I'm just not going to tell him for a while. The beads won't start coming until February or so anyway! Is that a terrible thing to do? I've been admiring from afar for a good long while and they were starting a new year and it just seemed like time. I have this jewelrymaking jones that I obviously need to work out of my system. (I suspect that "working it out of my system" could get very, very expensive, but oh well.)

This & that:

The Astros traded Brad Lidge, their closer, a couple of days ago. It was a five-player trade, but apparently the main thing they got was some center-fielder I never heard of. I don't really think I'm too happy about this. Yeah, Lidge was occasionally inconsistent, but when he's on, he's really on. (Also, we have now provided closers for about half the National League. Lidge, Dotel, Wagner... am I forgetting anybody?)

Oh, remember a while back when I was wondering rather to get Rob the Saruman bust for Christmas? I kept looking at it, and I couldn't decide and couldn't decide, and I finally just asked him what he thought of it. And he looked at it said, well, it was really cool, but... and he didn't really seem to want it all that bad. So it's probably better that I asked! He has a Christmas list that has a bunch of comics and things on it, anyway. Actually the list of comics got mislaid in the move - I'm going to have to find it soon or ask him to recreate it! Hopefully it'll turn up, though.

When I mentioned feeling foggy-brained that reminded me that it's close to being the time of year when we get a lot of fog. Not quite yet - the water has to get cooler - but it won't be too long. It doesn't get bad until after Christmas, usually  - but heck, that's not far away. Watching TV you'd think it was next week! I know we say things like this every year, but doesn't it seem like the full-court press of holiday ads has started even earlier than usual? It's annoying as hell, and I like Christmas.

In case anybody is hard up for reading material:

(Although I warn you, the quality of the posts is... well, let's call it somewhat spotty. There are 6000 or so people signed up for this thing, after all. Also the randomizer doesn't actually seem to be very random, considering I got more than one repeat in twenty or so total clicks.)

(I took the word "blog" out of that last sentence in deference to[personal profile] columbina , who loathes it. I hope you appreciate it, Col!)


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