Nov. 29th, 2007 10:44 pm
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As other people have already pointed out, Livejournal has a new and rather annoying feature: a sort of NetNanny-ish flagging business for adult content. (See here.) Rather than worry about what is or isn't PG-13 enough, I just marked the whole thing "adult concepts" (which is different from "explicit adult content" - which I rarely really have). So if you haven't gone in and changed your settings, you may have already gotten a warning about this entry. The default there is "moderate filtering" - hmm, maybe it wouldn't flag this one after all. I dunno. This is all giving me a headache.

I will have to do some sort of little blurb in the morning before I leave for Austin to complete my month of entries. Or maybe I'll just do another one after midnight! Since I'm not working tomorrow I can stay up, right? I do have to leave early-ish for the airport but not that early.

I am going to overdose on socializing this weekend, mildly hermitlike person that I am. I have already had a rather tedious lunch with some other admin types today, and a happy hour with my co-workers (much less tedious). Then coming up, I have my sister tomorrow and dinner with[profile] anjea Saturday - which of course shouldn't be tedious at all! (My sister is not exactly what I'd call tedious, but she will talk you to death. Exhausting, that might be more the proper word.)
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Halfway through, a recap:
11/1 - Recap of last year's effort (which went badly.) Moving report, and a picture of a piece of furniture we're trying to get rid of. Money matters.
11/2 - (Time on entry: 6:09am) Complaining about waking up too early. Worrying about whether this makes me like my mother. Attempt to make you jealous about the l33t-ness of my new computer. Musing about breakfast. Plus bonus meme!
11/3 - Random bits about moving. Links to stuff we bought at the Container Store.
11/4 - Report on the quilt show I just went to, all the pictures I took and who I talked to (or didn't).
11/5 - Complaining about partially-completed defensive driving class. What I did (or didn't do) on my day off.
11/6 - Picture of a quilt that somebody else made. Link to more pictures of quilts I didn't make. Weather report. Complaining about work.
11/7 - Hatred of word "webinar." Weight-loss talk, with link. GuildWars talk, with screenshot.
11/8 - General complaining. Link to TMI from last year about medical procedures. Musings about local news story and the national attention it's gotten. Complaints about neighbors. Passive-aggressive bragging/complaining about all those damn quilt pictures.
11/9 - Complaints about sleep and general tiredness. Money I spent and haven't told my husband about. Baseball, possible Christmas presents, and whether the weather will be bad soon. Link to NaBloPoMo Randomizer. Bitching about general quality of other people's posts, without irony.
11/10 - "Today in History" Wikipedia link. Report on Saturday activities, including shopping. Holiday plans. Additional post later includes a summary of a deleted rant about the word "mommyblogger".
11/11 - More complaining about defensive driving (finally completed). Other Sunday activities.
11/12 - Meme. Locked post complaining about family holiday matters. Public post mostly concerns a popular reality show.
11/13 - Another meme. Possible future travel plans. Vaguely-related rant about matters Southern. Yet another meme. Sleepy (and misspelled) bragging about the dungeon we just completed in GuildWars.
11/14 - Weather report. Links to pictures of the quilt that was on my bed, the one that's now on my bed, and the one that may be later. Vaguely-worded family story, with self-justification. Report on progress of unpacking. Spelling correction from yesterday.
11/15 - Um, that would be this, the meta-entry. Which is sort of a meme in itself.
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I am feeling terribly foggy-brained the last few days. Not that it's unusual for me to have trouble concentrating, but it seems like it's unusually bad. Maybe because I haven't been sleeping too well. I don't know why that is either, though. New house? I don't know why that'd bother me but it's possible. It's not the thumping I was talking about yesterday - that's not audible at all from the bedroom, only the living room.

I subscribed (well, I haven't actually paid yet, but I committed to subscribe) to a year of[personal profile] elisem 's Beads of the Month program (aka[profile] botmo ). I suspect that Rob would not approve, but, well, frankly I'm just not going to tell him for a while. The beads won't start coming until February or so anyway! Is that a terrible thing to do? I've been admiring from afar for a good long while and they were starting a new year and it just seemed like time. I have this jewelrymaking jones that I obviously need to work out of my system. (I suspect that "working it out of my system" could get very, very expensive, but oh well.)

In case anybody is hard up for reading material:

(Although I warn you, the quality of the posts is... well, let's call it somewhat spotty. There are 6000 or so people signed up for this thing, after all. Also the randomizer doesn't actually seem to be very random, considering I got more than one repeat in twenty or so total clicks.)

(I took the word "blog" out of that last sentence in deference to[personal profile] columbina , who loathes it. I hope you appreciate it, Col!)
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So. I went and signed up for NaBloPoMo, even though I did rather badly at it last year. Of course last year was not in any way a normal year, and November was particularly bad, because that was when it became painfully obvious that my mother was actually dying. Under the circumstances, I'm not terribly inclined to beat myself up about whether I posted enough that month. And we will just see how this goes. I'll be surprised if I actually post every day, but stranger things have happened!

We are mostly occupied this week with unpacking, getting the new computer set up, and getting the last stuff out of the old apartment. We have until Sunday to be out, technically, but one of the assistant managers called me earlier to ask if we were done or not. I don't know if she had forgotten she gave us until the 4th or what, but I told her they were welcome to come in and start working on whatever they needed to work on, but that we were still working on getting the last few things out. That mainly means this:


We have been trying in a half-hearted way to sell it but have had no takers. I don't guess it's really in line with current furniture trends or anything, but it's in pretty good shape for its age, if you have room for such a thing. (We don't, really, which is why we're trying to get rid of it.) I think my parents bought it the year I was born - i.e., 1960 - and it was in my bedroom for my entire childhood. My mother had it in her apartment after the divorce and it eventually made its way back to me. Part of me hates to get rid of it, but the fact is, it's a clutter magnet, as well as being incredibly bulky. So I called the Salvation Army and they're going to come get it on Monday. (We called the apartment management back - with a bit of trepidation - to see if they'd have a problem with us technically missing the Sunday deadline to be completely out, but apparently not. They didn't say anything about it, anyway.)

In other news, I really, really need to find Microsoft Money, and get the data from the last backup and get caught up on my finances. We have a big cushion to work with right now, of course, or we would have really been screwed. For years we lived paycheck to paycheck and I had to constantly know what our bank balance was to keep from overdrawing the account. Now that it's not so crucial I have gotten very bad about getting behind on keeping up with it. (So far my copy of MS Money has not turned up, though, and we have relatively few completely unopened boxes now. I am going to have to do some sleuthing tonight, I guess!)

Added: it took me about 5 minutes to find my copy of Money. The next sticking point: I don't know my own passwords. I have a list but it's at work!
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I was looking at that picture I posted yesterday, and in case anybody is paying attention: yes, those are part of the seasonal decorations I was talking about liking so much that are visible in that picture. However, I have to add a disclaimer, that those damn scarecrows are not the part I was talking about, cause I hate those things. Ugh. Luckily they are not really in my line of sight. You can see my gargoyle in that picture, incidentally, but "Gene Simmons" (I think - I am not really up on my Kiss) is mostly hiding my skull wreath with her head - you can see just a bit of it sticking out on one side. I suppose I have to take those down now - although maybe I can get away with leaving them up until tomorrow and saying it's for Day of the Dead.

Darnit, the icon reminds me that I meant to watch Nightmare Before Christmas last night and I forgot, by the time I pried Rob away from the damn live Ghosthunters episode. (Which was boring as hell. Oh, look, the ball rolled across the floor by itself. Scary!)

And I better save any more rambling for the NaBloPoMo entry that I will have to do later, I suppose. But I figured I better not complain about those scarecrows in a public post, since one of my co-workers (who I am otherwise very fond of) bought the stupid things.[personal profile] platypus said that she might do Holidailies instead of NaBloPoMo, and try to write real entries instead of just rambling. Which is what I usually try to do for Holidailies, too - and I am still doing both, but NaBloPoMo will do good to get rambling. I think I just consider NaBloPoMo to sort of be a warmup!


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