Nov. 29th, 2007 10:44 pm
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As other people have already pointed out, Livejournal has a new and rather annoying feature: a sort of NetNanny-ish flagging business for adult content. (See here.) Rather than worry about what is or isn't PG-13 enough, I just marked the whole thing "adult concepts" (which is different from "explicit adult content" - which I rarely really have). So if you haven't gone in and changed your settings, you may have already gotten a warning about this entry. The default there is "moderate filtering" - hmm, maybe it wouldn't flag this one after all. I dunno. This is all giving me a headache.

I will have to do some sort of little blurb in the morning before I leave for Austin to complete my month of entries. Or maybe I'll just do another one after midnight! Since I'm not working tomorrow I can stay up, right? I do have to leave early-ish for the airport but not that early.

I am going to overdose on socializing this weekend, mildly hermitlike person that I am. I have already had a rather tedious lunch with some other admin types today, and a happy hour with my co-workers (much less tedious). Then coming up, I have my sister tomorrow and dinner with[profile] anjea Saturday - which of course shouldn't be tedious at all! (My sister is not exactly what I'd call tedious, but she will talk you to death. Exhausting, that might be more the proper word.)


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