Dec. 20th, 2004

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Yesterday I said to Rob, "We ought to go up to Fry's before Christmas and get you a couple of movies." Well, before I knew it, we were in the car heading up to Fry's. He did the same thing Mom did, he said "It doesn't look that busy" when we were driving up - the thing is, you come up to it from the back side. It was packed, again (although the checkout line wasn't as bad as it was on Saturday, thank goodness). He bought three, count 'em, three vampire movies - one was the old Nosferatu silent, and one was the Jack Palance version of Dracula, and Blacula (Me: "Are you sure you don't already have that?" But apparently not. He did have Nosferatu on VHS, but this one was only $4.99 so it's worth buying again for that kind of price. I bet the transfer isn't too great, though.) I ended up spending more than he did, I bought season 1 of "Dead Like Me" - my thinking was that at $35 it's cheaper than a couple of months of Netflix, which apparently is about the only other way I'd be able to see it. We've already established that the local video stores don't have it.

We went to Jason's Deli and had lunch, since we were already up that way, and then swung by the Redneck Wal-Mart on the way home (that's my pet name for the one in Santa Fe). We bought a couple of gift cards and ROTK EE, which was on sale for about $7 cheaper there than at Fry's, and first thing you knew we'd spent $98. Which means that it was an expensive afternoon, altogether. But oh well, it's Christmas. We really haven't gone altogether nuts on the gifts this year, so we should be ok. (We have an "extra" paycheck each next month, because of the way our bills fall due - it's all going to be going straight to Visa.)


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