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Before the storm

This picture makes me a bit sad. I found it on my extra memory card yesterday; I had forgotten all about it. We took this on Thursday before the storm, when we were on the way out. I was driving and I remembered that I had been meaning to take a picture of this wreath, so I pulled over and Rob rolled down the window (only partway, as you can see!) and took this. This is a marker showing the location of the Galveston orphans' home in 1900. The home was actually across the Seawall from here - it was where Wal-Mart is now. The anniversary of the 1900 storm is September 8th-9th, and this was taken on the 11th, so the wreath was still relatively fresh. When we came back after the storm, just the pole was there - the sign itself, and the wreath, of course, was gone.

I've talked about the story of the orphans here before, I think. Here's a piece that talks about it, from the Galveston paper. (Here's the Wikipedia article on the 1900 storm itself.) It's a very sad story. The nuns tied the children to them with clothesline, hoping to keep them together, and some stories say that that itself caused so many of them to get killed, because the lines snagged on the debris. But knowing what I know now about what the storm this year did to that area - and bear in mind that I lived about a block from here, until September - I can't imagine that many of them would have survived no matter what, with no Seawall to protect them. The Seawall was the only thing that kept that area from being completely underwater in Ike, and of course some water came over anyway. And Ike was a smaller storm.

Note that Ike came in on the night of September 12th-13th. It was three months ago today.


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