Dec. 23rd, 2008 08:39 am
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Things to do before 3:00:
Pack clothes, etc. for two or three days. (We still don't know how long we're staying at my aunt's.)
Do cards for neighbors - enlist Rob to go put them on people's doors.
Call my aunt and check in?
Go by Chase and start trust accounts for me and Paula. Take paperwork by lawyer's office.
Figure out what beads (findings, etc.) I'm taking with me. *
Post something for Holidailies

Things not to forget: fruit for fruit salad, rolls out of the freezer, laptop (for clandestine WoW time), stockings, iPod (which allegedly is a Christmas present but which I keep using), address book - which I always seem to need if I don't have it. Camera.

Our land-line doesn't seem to be working but I just don't have the energy to worry about that today. I'll deal with it when we get home.

I'm craving ham. I may ask my aunt if anybody is already bringing one, and if not, go buy a small one. Assuming I can find time to go to the grocery store.

*That's my gift to my cousins (and any other assorted relatives who happen to be on hand) - made-to-order jewelry. I'm letting them pick out their own beads. I didn't figure there was much use in trying to do anything other than earrings ahead of time. With bracelets, especially, it's hard to figure out what will fit, especially given the range of ages involved.


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