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Hi, I'm Mel and I have weird middle-age lapses of memory. Among other things, I almost didn't snap that this is December 1st and I'm supposed to start Holidailies today. Not that anybody would likely have noticed my absence immediately, but still, I like to post as much as possible early in the month so that later when I inevitably run out of steam, it'll even out and I'll still end up with a reasonable number of posts.

I've been playing Trove for most of 2015 - scroll a couple of entries down if you're interested in Trove and you haven't seen that entry already, because there's pictures and stuff there. I haven't been playing as much lately because I'm also back to playing Guild Wars 2, but I'm still going into Trove and doing dailies a couple of days a week, at least. Earlier tonight I found the answer - well, a partial answer - to a mystery in Trove that's been bugging me for a while. They implemented a thing a good while ago (months ago) where you're supposed to get a couple of Chaos Chests daily. You open them and you get some random loot. So I got them for a while and then I stopped seeing them. I even turned in a bug report on this. It's not something I was really stewing about but I did wonder about it occasionally. Well, it turns out that at some point they put in an overflow tab that I hadn't even realized was there, and when I looked today there were something like 303 Chaos Chests in it. I'm not actually sure whether they've been accumulating unseen all this time or whether they restored them at some point, but they're there, anyway. And I opened all 300-odd of them at once - it was more than the original number because sometimes you open a chest and you get 5 more chests, or (once) 50. But I wrote down what was in my inventory when I finished because the huge accumulation of loot amused me greatly.

First of all, there was some large but undetermined amount of flux and glim, which are basically units of currency. There was some in my inventory to begin with so I'm not sure exactly, but it had to have been 10,000 or more of each - closer to 15,000 flux, I think. And there was also something like 250 infinium (a building material). But here's everything else. If the names don't make any sense to you... well, they're not going to make any sense to you, if you don't play Trove, really. It's all crafting materials or game items of one sort of another. I might stop to explain a few but there's too many to talk about all of them.

303 steed feed
150 faerie dust
7951 Eyes of Q'bthulhu
220 diamonds
40 shadow diamonds (these I'm very glad to have, they're rare)
250 sticky ichor
350 glacial shards
225 wild cupcakes
180 golden seashells
9 shadow keys
2 moon keys (which get you into hard-level dungeons)
175 bones
2200 radiant shards
225 crystallized cloud
500 mushroom chunks
225 robotic salvage
200 bottles
150 enchanted wood
275 primordial flame
450 sunlight bulbs (for gardening, I used all these immediately)
55 scrolls
20 style surprises (which is just a box that gives you a random item style)
15 turkeytopia boxes (which give you pumpkins and a chance at random rares, but I didn't get any - I never have out of these boxes!)
7 rare mounts (3 Scoops, 2 metalhead, 1 ancient cubits, 1 Runemaster's Record)

1 ship, the S.S. Dutchman

I already had the ship and the cubit mount, and I of course kept the ones I didn't already have. I sold the rest (a total of 4 mounts and a ship) on the marketplace. I checked to see what they were selling for and priced mine just under the lowest one, and they all sold within, like, 10 minutes. Apparently there are people who have 100,000 flux laying around, because the total was just over 200,000. (For comparison, the most I've ever previously had at one time was about 20,000.) I kept everything else, at least for now.

(Note: actually it turns out that the "metalhead" thing is not a mount but a mag-rail vehicle. It's very trippy. Also apparently quite rare, because it was the thing that sold for a 100,000 flux.)



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