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Weather report: surf was up (but not like the first go-round with Ivan), tides were back down towards normal. Lots of surfers, of course. 3 TV trucks - but not the same 3: this time it was CBS, ABC, and a Spanish channel. I figure everybody else sent their trucks to Sabine Pass, or even into the wilds of Louisiana, since that was where it was actually coming in last I heard. Except after it comes in it's supposed to swing over this way and dump a bunch of rain on us. (Jesus, I hope it doesn't go out to sea again! We might never be rid of this damn storm.)

Before somebody from Louisiana decides to slap me, I don't actually think southwest Louisiana is a bit more backwoods than far southeast Texas is, although that's not saying much because in general I think that once you get east of the Houston metropolitan area, that corner of Texas is about as redneck as you can get. (Think Vidor. Jasper. You get the idea.) (Now it's somebody from Orange or Port Arthur who's going to slap me.)

My sister's moving to Austin next week. (Along with her family. There's been some marital friction there of late, so that's not completely a foregone conclusion.) Good, maybe I'll get to go visit once in a while. Ever since they moved to Conroe a couple of years ago I've hardly seen them at all, anyway. I'll hardly know the difference.

And that reminds me that I've sort of been meaning to write a journal entry about my sister and our relationship. I need to get around to doing that. But not tonight.


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