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I am a hoarder of receipts. I keep all my debit card receipts at least until they've gone through the bank - longer if I think there's anything there that I might conceivably want to return - and I make most of my purchases with the debit card these days, so that means I keep practically everything. And I'm not at all good about going through and tossing them as often as I should. This morning I grabbed a handful off the bottom of the stack, and it turned out to go back to 2004. Then I have to go & get all nostalgic over the damn receipts, at least if they remind me of a dinner or even a shopping trip that I especially enjoyed.

Tony's Family Restaurant, Sealy TX - Christmas Eve 2004 - 20.24 (This was lunch on the way to Austin. This place was clearly where the locals hung out.)

Cheesecake Factory, Austin - Christmas Eve 2004 - $123.30
(We must have paid for everybody and people paid us back. I know we didn't pick up the whole check!)

Chuy's, Barton Springs Rd, 12/26/04
I wanted to go someplace "Austin" before we left, as I recall. (I think in my mind that meant Chuy's or Threadgill's or Kerbey Lane Cafe, someplace like that.)

Then there was a handful from Bryan, last September. That means it was the Rita evacuation.
Sam's Club, a membership plus 62.36 in merchandise (this was on the way up)
Half-Price Books 56.80
Jason's Deli, Luby's - My aunt cooked for everybody but we kept going out to eat just to escape, occcasionally
Exxon - I remember that we were really worried about being able to get gas - but it was never a problem (2.75 a gallon, btw)
Wal-Mart, Friendswood - on the way home. We were afraid the stores in Galveston wouldn't have any food, and from what I heard, we were probably right. We bought Miracle Whip - presumably because we'd have to throw out what we already had, the power had been out - water, lunchmeat, milk, Cokes - the basics. I remember how happy we were to get home.

I do the same thing!

Date: 2006-09-19 03:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is why I have a tonne of paper all over the house.

Jeff thinks I should buy one of these Keep the memory, or the tax deduction, or the financial history, but not keep the stack of rapidly crumbling paper.

The ink doesn't stay on them forever, it's the type that fades, so I need to get it preserved somehow.

Re: I do the same thing!

Date: 2006-09-19 03:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That thing looks cool, but eek! Two hundred dollars and change? No thanks. (I suppose a regular scanner would work as well, if it came right down to it.)

My solution is just to write down the things that made them interesting to me, like the above, and toss the actual receipt.


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