Sep. 5th, 2005 10:26 pm
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People from Louisiana are everywhere here. (It's easy to tell when you listen to them talk.) There's the Red Cross shelter at the Methodist church, and people staying with relatives, and apparently people in several formerly-vacant units in our apartment complex. And tomorrow they're moving 4000 people from the Astrodome down here to a Carnival cruise ship. Those tiny cabins are going to seem like the lap of luxury to somebody who's been living on the floor of the Astrodome for days, aren't they?

Update: Except they don't want to go, apparently. I can see that they've been uprooted multiple times already, in a lot of cases, but still, it's hard for me to imagine that anybody really wants to stay in the Astrodome rather than have some privacy. (And I'm a person who has so far refused to go on a cruise because I'm claustrophobic. Between the two extremes, though, I think I'd choose the tiny cabins, assuming that the ship is staying at the dock and you're allowed to come and go freely. That's just me, though. The evacuees have been through hell and if they want to stay at the Astrodome, they ought to be allowed to stay.)
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We went to Wal-Mart Thursday and it appeared that the Red Cross had beaten us there. At least, that's what we were theorizing. There weren't a lot of items that were completely gone, but a lot of the staples were visibly depeted - not so much the traditional staples like flour and sugar, but more the kind you would use to cook for a modern-day mob - pancake mix, Zatarain's rice dishes, even pizza. And when we left we saw them wheeling out a huge palette full of stuff. There is a shelter in the Methodist church here so I'm assuming that's where it was going.

Overheard in the ER:
-- Nurse to unknown patient down the hall (I'm guessing it was one of the evacuees, who all seemed to be quite elderly), very patiently: "This is a hospital. I'm your nurse."
-- One nurse telling another how much it sucks to work here. (This is really the reason this entry is friendslocked* because saying that, especially right within hearing distance of a patient, could get her in very much trouble. It was really an extremely inappropriate comment, don't you think?)
-- Apparently a lot of people here are on call to go to Louisiana for Search & Rescue ops. It's interesting that they hadn't (as of Friday) been called out.

Not that this is really going to surprise anybody who knows me, but the worst thing about being in the hospital? No computer. I imagine that I might could've borrowed a laptop from work (after all, it wouldn't even be leaving the premises) but I don't think we run to campus-wide wi-fi just yet, so it wouldn't've done me that much good.

I said I was going to have a rant in me soon, and it came out on paper while I watched the news in the hospital the last couple of days. Check Whys & Wherefores - hopefully I'll manage to get it into the computer soon.

*unlocked long after the fact
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Remember the other night when I said, "I gotta quit watching so much CNN"? That may have been a little more true than I knew.

Because, you see, I woke up in the middle of the night that night with chest pains. (All the gory details - more or less - under the cut.) Read more... )
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That is an actual quote from a Time-Life commercial. Swear to god.

That's the funniest thing I've heard in ages. (And god knows I needed a laugh right now. I gotta quit watching so much CNN.)
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How did Katrina sneak up on us so much? Was I just not paying attention last week? I usually am very aware of potential hurricanes even when they're way out in the ocean - you get that way after living on the coast a while - but somehow I missed this one until it was nearly to Miami.

(Family stuff, and some whining, under the cut.)

Read more... )

Rob and I went to see The Brothers Grimm yesterday after I got home. We read all the bad reviews before we decided to go, but enough of them made it sound interesting that we went anyway. Armed with very low expectations, we actually enjoyed it quite a lot. That always helps.


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