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I said I'd talk about Hurricane Carla, and if I don't do it while I'm thinking about it I never will. The thing is, my mother was pregnant with my sister, who had been due the end of August (1961). I was a toddler, so I don't remember this, myself, and I don't have my dad handy to ask him more, but I asked him again the other day, and apparently what happened was the hurricane started in (it was at Matagorda, southwest of us) and stalled. And what Daddy told me the other day - and he didn't even have to stop and think about it, he remembered - he said they had hurricane-force winds that lasted from Saturday night until sometime Tuesday. It was just about this time of year. I believe the sequence of things was that they had taken to my mom to the hospital and then they had sent her home again because she wasn't actually in labor, and then in the middle of the storm she started having labor pains again, and they drove her back to Texas City - at least 15 miles or so - to the hospital, and she stayed the rest of the storm in the hospital. And my sister wasn't born until it was all over, on the 15th. So Monday is her 47th birthday.

We started talking about Carla earlier this week when it looked like Ike was going to come in down at Matagorda, just like Carla did. Carla was a stronger storm - it had been a category 5 when it was out in the Gulf, and was still a 4 when it came in - but apparently not much bigger, and Ike for some reason had this really bad tide/storm surge effect. (Although they have said today that the worst of the storm surge was east of us, back toward High Island and Beaumont.) I'm not sure when was the last time a storm came directly over Galveston like this one did. Alicia in 1983 came over the West End, which is still much more lightly populated than the other end, even nowadays. Since the 1900 storm, I know there were another couple of bad ones, one in 1915 and I think one in the '40s, and then Carla and Alicia. But I don't know exactly about the tracks of those other ones.

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Alright, the big E is on. I am still at work, but I'm leaving and Rob has been released as of 9:00 and we are gonna get the hell out of Dodge. A lot of people are apparently NOT leaving and are doing the "hunker down" thing so maybe traffic won't be too awful. Knock on wood.

I will try to report in from the sticks. Cross your fingers.
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No, we're still not evacuating. Yet. The damn thing is going to be awfully close, though - the E-word is not completely off the table.

Gawd, the "Fringe" pilot cost $10 million to make? Hmm, well, I failed to get full value out of it, considering I thought the face-melty introduction was silly and turned baseball on instead. We didn't even make it to the credits.

Have we discussed baseball lately? Like the fact that the Astros have the best record in baseball since the All-Star break? Like the fact that they called a guy up from Round Rock on Monday, who showed up too late for batting practice but still hit a homer on his first pitch in the majors? Things like that have been happening right and left - well, ok, maybe not exactly like that one. But it's been fun to watch, lately.

Obligatory link about That Woman (the one whose name I am tired of hearing already): Gender? No, Culture

Here's where Ike is supposed to be going - right in a half-circle around us, practically:

(Also, I keep typing "Iko" instead of Ike. Hi [ profile] iko!)
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(See previous entry if you're wondering what I spoke too soon about - although I think this will end up being self-explanatory.) We just got this e-mail forwarded from the weather guru people:

Latest data indicate high pressure to the north of Hurricane Ike is likely to weaken faster allowing the storm to track farther north up toward the mid Texas coast in the vicinity of Matagorda Bay early Saturday morning.  Due to the northward shift, there is now a increasing threat of a more severe impact from Hurricane Ike on the mid and upper Texas coast Friday afternoon through Saturday.  Ike is still forecast to move onshore as a Category 3 hurricane.  An updated track is currently being prepared and will be disseminated by 4:30 PM CDT.

Matagorda Bay is not us, but it's close enough to put evacuation back on the table, probably. Sigh.
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I know I hadn't even gotten around to posting here about Ike yet, but it looks like we are not evacuating unless it makes another unexpected turn. (They expect a turn, they just don't expect it to be enough to bring it up towards us.) Yesterday we thought there was a high chance that we would be. I guess I need to call my aunt and tell her not to buy any extra groceries yet.

In unrelated news, [ profile] columbina  linked to this column of Scalzi's and I really, really think it's right on the money. Every Democrat/liberal/progressive in America needs to stop and take a deep breath and refocus. Including me. (And possibly Obama - although considering that he's practically being ignored in the news right now, it's hard to know.)


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